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Losomn Fans Will Have A Lot More To Explore November 14th

New Enemies Will Challenge Players And Remnant 2’s World

Remnant 2: The Awakened King introduces DLC filled with more creative bosses and a lot more time in the fan-favorite Losomn biome. While Remnant 2‘s seemingly endless amount of levels continue to entertain the million-plus players who purchased the game since its July 2023 release, even more impressive content is coming sooner than anticipated.

Players who created a character from one of Remnant 2‘s five classes (or six secret archetypes) are spawned in a procedurally generated level in one of three randomly selected worlds (aka biomes.) Such an intro ensures that each player has a unique experience in the game, even with multiple playthroughs. However, the Losomn biome became a fan favorite for its decaying gothic environment that felt like a love letter to From Software’s beloved PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne. The first major DLC for Remnant 2 looks to give players even more of what they love.

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Losomn Fans Will Have A Lot More To Explore November 14th

In an exclusive preview for Remnant 2‘s first of three premium DLC releases called The Awakened King, the team at Gunfire Games’ has proven that they want to give players more of what they enjoyed in the base game. The Losomn biome became one of the game’s most popular areas with its twisted residents and gothic architecture. The dark world has earned many comparisons to Bloodborne‘s ravenous Yharnam, a comparison Lead Gameplay Designer Ben Cureton and his team are flattered to hear. During Screen Rant‘s preview of the upcoming DLC, the fan-favorite area has been invaded by the castle of a once-feared king and many new things to shoot at.

The One True King, Remnant 2‘s new big DLC villain, has parked tis imposing and beautiful castle onto the shores of Losomn’s Dran coastal town. Madness caused by the Root and his thirst for revenge from concealment has transformed the former King’s mind, making him a destructive force of nature. On November 14, 2023, players will be able to uncover The Awakened King‘s secrets and enjoy new dungeons, bosses, weapons, gear, and even an extra archetype class called The Ritualist. While more gear and bosses are a welcome treat for players who have enjoyed Remnant 2, its improvements to the game’s already impressive level generator are most exciting.

When asked what improvements the DLC makes on the core game, Remnant 2‘s Principal Designer Ben Cureton and Level Designer Cindy To responded excitedly about the DLC’s improved scope and narrative-driven gameplay. Improvements to the procedural level generator and a more fixed setting will help The Awakened King‘s story feel more focused and its world more exciting to explore than many of Remnant 2‘s previous biomes. With a larger static map, the game can generate more connected areas than before to help create a more engrossing experience narratively and with its gameplay. Players can explore most areas they see from a distance and reach them to find new loot Gunfire Games’ promises will be worth hunting for.Related: 6 Things to Know Before Playing Remnant 2

New Enemies Will Challenge Players And Remnant 2’s World

Bosses were a highlight of Remnant 2‘s original campaign, and the first DLC pack will provide even more. During the preview session, the player was able to infiltrate the King’s monstrous castle, where they encountered an elite enemy boss who had gone rogue and aimed to attack any friend or foe who entered its space. The lengthy armored creature conjured countless flying spears, impaling several flying grunts throughout the epic battle. More never-before-seen boss encounters will surely litter the path to the Awakened King. Still, other new enemies and items will be included in the DLC that will affect all areas of Remnant 2, even if players do not purchase the DLC.

New enemies and dungeons will appear in all of Remnant 2‘s biomes after The Awakened King launches on November 14. However, the latest storyline involving the revenge-hungry mad King will be exclusive to The Awakened King DLC. Each biome leans towards certain traits and status effects often attached to weapons and items found in those areas. Losomn is an area where many foes’ weapons cause recoverable Grey Health damage, game-altering status effects, and even a few rare shields can be found. Players can expect to see many more of these types of enemies and new items that will exacerbate these effects when exploring the new areas of Losomn.

Final Thoughts

It’s currently unclear what content the remaining two premium DLC packs will include, but if they aim to contain as much as what The Awakened King seems to be delivering, Remnant 2 players are in for a treat. Added items and weapons will unlock new deadly gear combinations that can be devastating with the right builds and teammates. When Remnant 2 was released last summer, both its bosses and Losomn biome delighted players. Gunfire Games wanted to give players a lot more of that in DLC that addresses the game’s original issues and delivers more of what players love. Remnant 2’s The Awakened King looks to be exactly what a good game DLC should be.

Remnant 2 The Awakened King releases November 14, 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Screen Rant was invited to participate in the exclive off-hands online preview for the purposes of this article. The Awakened King DLC will cost $9.99 individually for players who already own Remnant 2. The DLC Bundle includes The Awakened King and two future premium DLCs that have not been unveiled at the time of this writing.

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