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YOU may have a superior vision and IQ if you can figure out which prisoner is planning to escape.

You need to figure out a pattern hidden in the puzzle- but you must do it quick!

FreshersliveFind who’s plotting an escape plan out of these men in under 7 seconds[/caption]

If you can solve it under seven seconds, you might have exceptional analytical skills.

The task requires quick thinking and a creative approach.

You must pay close attention to the details in the picture.

This challenge is suited for people with sharp minds and a keen eye for details.

Mastering this puzzle equips you with valuable life skills.

Strengthen your intellectual ability and improve your problem-solving skills with this picture.

To find a solution, you must think outside of the box.

Did you crack the code? Congratulations, you’ve got a deduction of Sherlock Holmes.

if you’re still confused, we got the answer explained for you below.

The satisfying solution for this puzzle is hidden in the left corner of the image.

If you look carefully at the cake, you’ll notice a nail file hidden amongst the candles.

It seems like a dark-suited man on the left is conspiring to escape.

Nail files are often used to remove or weaken restraints, so he might be planning to use it to break free from jail.

Want another brain teaser? You can test your focus trying to spot five tiny differences between these two pics of kids drawing.

The task is to find the five subtle differences between the two pictures in under eight seconds.

If you can spot them in the time, your focus is sharper than most!

If you’re craving more puzzles to solve, then try to find the hidden chameleon in this image.

Or test your eyesight with this vibrant picture of poppies with the crab lurking inside.

FreshersliveIf you’ve cracked this case, you have a deduction of Sherlock Holmes[/caption]

Freshers LiveIf you can spot 5 differences, you have an eagle eye[/caption]

Freshers LiveDid you spot all of the differences?[/caption]


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