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One of the wrestlers that has always been a fan favorite is “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn. While he is currently an active wrestler, there was a recent time when he teased retirement.

Earlier this year, Billy Gunn decided to leave his wrestling boots in the ring and walked out. Fans were convinced that the WWE Hall of Famer was retiring from professional wrestling. But a few weeks later, Gunn returned to team up with The Acclaimed at the AEW All In pay-per-view. The faction also managed to defeat House of Black to become the AEW Trios World Champions.

Recently, Billy Gunn shared the truth behind the retirement angle. Both he and his wife were being interviewed on The A2theK Wrestling Show. During the interview, the WWE Hall of Famer opened up about the retirement angle and why he decided to not retire and return to the ring.

“When House of Black ran through me like I wasn’t even there, kind of. Those are the kinds of things I’m talking about. I’m not having nobody run through me like that,” he said. “First of all. So at the time it was, yeah, ‘Would I like to retire? Yes. Would I ever get away from wrestling? Not a chance.’ There’s no way. I just… I feel I still have too much to offer.

“In a sense of helping, not maybe not so much in the ring. So yea, that kind of got my head spinning a little bit, when I got ran through. Then I got to thinking, ‘Well I’m not letting people run through me like that. I got to kinda come back and… I’m not leaving on that note.’ Even though I tried to,” Billy Gunn said.

Billy Gunn wants to wrestle Will Ospreay in his retirement match

During the same episode, Gunn shared that while his kids, Austin and Colten Gunn want to be his final opponents, the WWE Hall of Famer wants to have his retirement match against Will Ospreay.

“But my… um… her kids… I say her kids my kids… um… They just… They weren’t having it. You know. They weren’t having that retired yet. And that’s not how I’m going to retire because my… her kids… I say her kids are like Colten and Austin. And then my kids are The Acclaimed. That’s our standing joke around the house. But my kids or her kids said that I have to wrestle them.

“That’s my retirement match. Although I tell them Will Ospreay is my retirement match and they’re… They get so mad about that because I love Will. I love Will, I do. There’s something about him and he does some weird, and he does some really cool stuff that I’ve never done. That I just want to take. That’s the weird thing. But that’s what I tell my kids all the time. I said, “I’m not wrestling you two in my retirement match. I’m wrestling Will Ospreay.”

Would you like to see Daddy Ass wrestle the Aerial Assassin?

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