Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

At some point next week, residents or those visiting the St. Jacobs, Ont., area might notice a funny colour to the water in the Conestogo River.

The Grand River Conservation Authority says it is going to conduct dye tracer testing in the Conestogo River upstream of St. Jacobs near Three Bridges Road at some point during the week of Dec. 18.

The GRCA says the water may turn a yellow-green colour but the dye it is using to conduct the study is environmentally friendly.

“The dye will dilute quickly as it moves downstream though St. Jacobs towards Conestogo and Waterloo in the hours following the work, eventually becoming invisible,” a release from the GRCA noted.

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“The dye is harmless to aquatic life and to individuals who may rely on the river for their water supply or recreational uses.”

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The agency said it is conducting the study in an effort to assess the condition of its water control structures.

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