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A BRITISH boy who was allegedly kidnapped by his mum and grandad shared photos of the luxury Spanish villa he was going to before he vanished.

Alex Batty, then 11, was taken on a pre-agreed holiday to the Benahavis area near Marbella in 2017 but failed to return home.

Focus FeaturesAlex Batty has been found after six years[/caption]

SolarpixThe Spanish villa Alex Batty said he was visiting in 2017[/caption]

SolarpixThe photo of the villa Alex shared on social media[/caption]

SolarpixIt is understood to be owned by Terry McCabe, pictured here with Noel Gallagher[/caption]

The youngster, now 17, was travelling with his mum, Melanie, then 37, and grandfather David, then 58, and a huge kidnapping investigation was launched.

After six years, Alex was finally found on Thursday after fleeing a “spiritual community” – and is due to return to the UK within days.

Photos have now emerged of the stunning villa Alex said he was heading to for a holiday with his mum six years ago.

He posted a picture of the huge mansion on social media on September 29, 2017, days before he vanished, and wrote: “I’m going there 5 days.”

The property is set in landscaped gardens overlooking the Mediterranean with a large pool near the Costa del Sol mountain town of Benahavis.

It appears to belong to a family friend Terry McCabe – and the image shared by Alex was labelled “Terry’s villa”.

The dad-of-three posted a selfie with Noel Gallagher on social media recently and claimed: “Spent the night with him, Sienna Miller and Paulo Nutini at Glasto.”

He also uploaded pictures of the villa himself during a family holiday earlier this year, writing: “A few from the villa.”

One friend invited to stay at the property, the director of a Gabon-based NGO dedicated to preserving and studying the African country’s natural and cultural heritage, thanked Terry at the time.

He said: “A vacation, a family, a community, a place… EXTRAORDINARY! Thank you so much, brother, for your invitation, your kindness and generosity. May God bless your whole family.”

Mr McCabe treated friends in August last year to another photo of the magnificent villa Alex said shortly before his disappearance he was heading to.

It showed lush green mountains in the background behind the property which backs onto a golf course.

There is no suggestion well-travelled Mr McCabe, who has spoken about the “life-changing experience” of time he spent in the past living with the indigenous Ashaninka Tribe in Brazil, had any involvement in Alex’s disappearance.

It was not clear whether Alex had ended up staying at the villa near Benahavis with his mum and grandfather after flying to Malaga and how long he had spent there if he did holiday there.

Prosecutors yesterday revealed that the lad has been found alive and well in Revel, near Toulouse, France, after fleeing a “spiritual community”.

Investigators believe Alex had been living in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

After days of hiking, he was reportedly picked up by a lorry driver who became suspicious and called police.

Alex was walking along a road with a backpack, skateboard and headlamp. 

On the way to the police station he reportedly asked to borrow the man’s phone and sent his grandmother a message via Facebook Messenger letting her know he was alive. 

It’s claimed he’d had enough living the “alternative lifestyle” and decided to leave. 

APPolice say Alex is ‘safe and well’[/caption]

Pixel8000Alex in 2017 with his mum and grandad in a video sent to his family in the UK[/caption]


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