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Want an authentic, sustainable travel experience in Japan? Our reporter Anca Ulea explores two Japanese towns where the environment has defined the way of life for generations


How can travelling be more sustainable? Euronews reporter Anca Ulea seeks to answer this very question by visiting Japanese communities that are living sustainably with nature.

The journey begins in the Nagara River Basin in central Japan. The area surrounding the river and its tributaries has been designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) by the United Nations, due to the population’s intricate relationship with the territory.

Locals use the river to irrigate their crops and as a source of food. But they also give back, by cleaning the river, taking care of the surrounding ecosystem and protecting rare species.

Anca meets one of the local fishermen practicing a traditional form of shoal net fishing, called Sebari. In autumn, most of the local ayu sweetfish caught are sent to hatcheries so the population can be maintained the following year.

She also tests out the local cuisine in Gifu, which is rich in fresh produce and medicinal herbs.

Kinosaki Onsen is the next stop. The town was built around its natural hot springs, or onsen. Many inns in the village are locally owned and operated, with traditional architecture and a rich history.

Fully immersing herself in the local culture, Anca strolls through the harmonious landscape in a summer kimono and bathes in the onsen, enjoying a moment of relaxation surrounded by natural beauty.

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