Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Donald Trump‘s going viral for jabbing President Biden over a couple deaths linked to Panera lemonade … but someone’s putting words in Trump’s mouth because it’s all bogus.

Here’s the deal … there are a series of screenshots from a recent Trump speech going viral online, and they claim to quote Trump blaming Biden for two deaths linked to a new drink from Panera.

Trump and Biden are easy targets here … it’s not crazy to believe Trump would go after Biden for such a story, but it turns out lots of folks are being duped … because the quotes are totally fake.

The viral images have made up quotes attributed to Trump, where he’s saying … “Everything is bad under Biden. Even the lemonade is killing people. Did you see that? People drink lemonade and die.”

The fake Trump quote is referencing a couple recent deaths linked to Panera’s new Charged Lemonade, which is super caffeinated.

Other fake Trump quotes included … “The lemonade didn’t kill you when I was president. It was tasty and fun to drink. We loved the lemonade, didn’t we?”

Another falsely quotes as Trump saying … “We did, but not under Biden. Bacon is more money. Gas is more money. The lemonade is more money and it kills you.”

The fourth and final says … “When life hands you lemons, Joe Biden kills you with them.”

The screenshots and fake closed captioning is from Trump’s recent speech in Iowa … but anyone watching the speech will find out there’s no mention of lemonade whatsoever.

Social media’s rife with fake quotes attributed to politicians, celebs and athletes these days … but lots of folks haven’t caught on yet.

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