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One person was killed in a collision on Alberta’s QEII Highway on Friday amid poor driving conditions.

Calgary EMS spokesperson Adam Loria says the crash happened near the Highway 27 overpass, killing one person and sending another four to area hospitals in serious, non-life-threatening condition. 

Mounties began cautioning people against travelling on the highway between Airdrie to Red Deer early Friday morning because of poor driving conditions.  

Speaking to CTV News on Friday morning, RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Gina Slaney said the highway was in the worst shape members have seen in years.

“The driving conditions, specifically between Olds and Didsbury, are deemed to be treacherous,” she said. “I think right now it’s the ice on the highway that’s causing the collisions.”

“We have numerous semis that have jackknifed, cars that have driven into the backs of the semis.

“The senior member on scene said he has never in his entire career seen anything like it, so we want everybody to stay off the highway. If you don’t absolutely need to go, don’t do it.”

The QEII Highway was temporarily closed in both directions between Didsbury and Olds due to the high number of collisions, but northbound lanes reopened just after 11 a.m. Southbound lanes reopened just before 5 p.m. 

The situation was dire enough that RCMP issued a towing advisory, preventing motorists from calling tow trucks to the area.

“The RCMP can call and ask for assistance, but we would obviously send the tow trucks to priority areas first,” Slaney said.A crash on the QEII on Friday, Dec. 15, 2023.


Students from Edmonton were among those involved in the numerous collisions along the QEII Highway on Friday.

St. Francis Xavier Catholic high school says members of the men’s basketball team were involved in a multi-vehicle crash near Olds while on their way to a tournament in Lethbridge.

“All students are safe, and the families of the students involved have been contacted,” principal Heather Kaup said in an email.

“These students witnessed the incident and saw emergency responders on the scene. We are checking in with these students and offering support as required.”

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