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He’s cute, fluffy and famous — and he’s the latest four-legged member of the Miami Beach Police Department.

Brodie, a 3-year-old, 80-pound Goldendoodle, has become a viral internet sensation and has earned a whopping $1 million in branding deals this past year alone for his owner, 33-year-old Cliff Brush.

On Thursday, the massive pooch officially joined the police department and received a guard of honor and a new uniform at a ceremony attended by his fellow K-9 officer colleagues, SWNS reported.

While the celebrity canine won’t be fighting crime, his first assignment this Saturday is just as important when he will lead the department’s Operation Save Christmas and ride along with police officers to deliver toys to more than 400 children in the city.

Brush, of Fort Lauderdale, told SWNS that Brodie received a police escort to his swearing-in ceremony. Photos show the smiling dog taking it all in as he leaned out the police cruiser window.

Brodie boasts more than 6.6 million followers on TikTok. Cliff Brush / SWNS

Brodie’s rise to fame came after Brush uploaded his first video of his dog on TikTok under the account Brodiethatdood in 2020. Within weeks he gained 35,000 followers. Today the account is followed by more than 6.6 million.

The videos catapulted the dog into internet stardom.

“We’ve met lots of celebrities like [Youtuber] David Dobrik, [singer] Madison Beer, lots of NBA players, athletes, and we are going to be sitting court-side at a Lakers game,” Brush told the outlet.

Brodie also boasts online fans like actors Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Reynolds. 

Brodie got a police escort to his swearing-in ceremony on Thursday. Cliff Brush / SWNS

Brush quit his full-time job as an accountant in 2021 to become a full-time content creator.

“I had a mortgage and bills so it was a risk but I wasn’t happy with that nine to five life,” he said. “I told myself if I could make $35,000 in the first year I’d quit my job and I made $70,000.”

“In 2023 we made $1 million in brand deals alone,” he added.

Brodie is Brush’s official service dog and joins him in public places to help calm him down when he’s stressed.

“I have an autoimmune condition called lichen planus. I was born with it but it snuck up on me five years ago,” he said.

Brodie will help police deliver toys to children on Saturday. Cliff Brush / SWNS

“It’s when the immune system treats the skin as a foreign body and attacks it. We found that stress is a big factor but ever since I’ve had Brodie, I don’t have flare-ups,” Brush said.

Brodie thrives in the limelight, his owner said.

“I’m very fortunate he had such a great disposition from birth. I don’t even take credit for it,” he told SWNS.

“He thinks it’s normal to have that much attention and for everyone to know his name. He loves kids and if people are petting him, that’s his element. He’s a giant teddy bear,” Brush said.

Brodie has appeared before crowds on stage before and is completely unbothered.

His only fears? “Vacuum cleaners and plastic garbage bags in the wind,” Brush said.

Brush and Brodie, who sees a groomer every two weeks to keep his coat in pristine shape, have also launched Floof by Brodie – Brodie’s own grooming line.

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