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AN OnlyFans mum says she and her family have faced an onslaught of abuse over her X-rated career.

Sara Cheek, 33, claims she’s been targeted by “evil and malicious” bullies and experienced a series of vicious outbursts – including a hose pipe assault and a suspicious fire.

Sara Blake Cheek claims she’s being bullied by her communityFacebook/ Sarah Blake Cheek

Sara Blake CheekSarah and Matt have four children who she claims have also suffered from the bullying[/caption]

Sara Blake CheekThe Cheek’s garden caught fire under what Sara said were suspicious circumstances[/caption]

Sara – from Florida – told The Sun she’s been left “devastated” after finding out her career had been exposed – culminating in a recent assault that left her “distraught”.

The mum-of-four claimed she’s been banned from watching her kids play sport, suspects her property was set on fire and alleges she was assaulted by both her neighbours and parents of other kids.

Sara was delighted when her OnlyFans career “took off beyond her wildest dreams” – but said she’s paid a price for her success.

The 33-year-old joined the site after her family struggled financially during the Covid pandemic and pals suggested it as a way of earning extra crash.

She appears alongside her husband in the videos and they raked in a whopping £7,000 during their first weekend on the platform – four times the amount Sara made doing her day job running hair salons.

The pair carried on creating the explicit content – but wanted to keep it closely under wraps.

But just one month after they launched the account, Sara’s secret was exposed.

Sara told The Sun: “I didn’t want anybody to know that that’s what I was doing. 

“Not because I was ashamed, just because it was a way that I was making money that I didn’t feel like I needed to share with everybody.”

The mum claims the community isolated and bully the family, and tensions reached reached boiling point last month when a family day out turned into a nightmare.

Sara said she was watching her 11-year-old son play ice hockey and was “really excited” as she hadn’t seen him play in a while.

But she alleges he was thrown into the air and shunted hard against the boards on the outside of the rink.

Instead of showing concern, one of the other parents allegedly leapt up and cheered “yeah take that kid out” as her son lay sprawled out on the ice.

“I was baffled that there is a kid hurt on the ice and a parent cheering because he’s hurt,” Sara said.

She then confronted the dad, who replied: “Shut the f***k up you stupid b**ch.”

“My jaw just drops, I stood mute, I was completely beside myself,” Sara said.

As she stood frozen by shock the foul mouthed abuse continued.

She said the dad threatened to “beat her” while his wife supported him by “screaming trash”.

According to Sara, other parents were “shook” and helped her as her husband intervened.

The next day, she received a call from the ice rink telling her the whole family had been banned from the venue.

And when her son’s hockey coach offered to drive the youngster to training, his manager swiftly suspended him.

The heartbroken mum called it an “extreme situation” and said her daughter can no longer go ice skating with her friends.

Sara said it wasn’t the first violent incident she and her family had faced – and claims she has been ruthlessly bullied for years.

She explained that although the abuse is aimed at her, it’s mostly the kids who suffer.

After her career came to light, Sara said she was banned from a sports club where her husband worked, her son played football and her daughter enjoyed cheerleading.

“It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t right but I didn’t want them to be put in the middle of it,” she said.

But the saga was far from over and shortly after she was barred from the club, Sara’s daughter came home and claimed an adult told the other girls she had a “contagious disease” and they shouldn’t go near her.

“I cried everyday, I don’t think I have been that depressed in my life,” Sara said.

The mum said she felt she had no choice but to pull her daughter out of cheerleading.

But the bullies also targeted her husband, Sara claimed.

“It just got to be a hostile environment where the other coaches were trying to fight him on the field during a game,” she said.

“It was heartbreaking, devastating, and it was just awful.”

The last straw came when Sara’s oldest son was suspended from school – and no reason was given.

She even hired an attorney to question the school and received no response.

Concerned for her son’s welfare, Sara has moved him to a different school.

Forced out by the cruel treatment, the Cheek family fled to a place where Sara hoped they would be free from the abuse.

But rumours of her X-rated career had spread far and wide and the bullying only worsened.

In the lead up to the hockey match ordeal a bush behind the Cheek’s home suspiciously caught fire while they were out,  leaving “many trees torched and a field burned.”

Fire officials told them that the blaze was sparked from a backyard fire pit but the family claims they haven’t touched the pit in months.

This came after the couples neighbour had reportedly set upon Sara and her husband with a hose pipe while they were doing electrical work outside.

A video captures this moment and shows the hose-wielding neighbour aiming the jet of water directly at them.

Sara said: “Our neighbour has made our life a living hell since we moved in, regularly flipping off our children, assaulting our guests, and making racial gestures to our friends.”

The mum added that upon finding out she had moved in, the nightmare neighbour went gallivanting on her property and cut down a live oak tree that was a protected species in Florida.

The mum is now at her wits end and is at a loss with how to cope with the abuse.

She said: “The community has treated our family like crap with no repercussions.

“I resent the women and mothers who have done this to my kids but I also feel sorry for them, it’s sad they are taking insecurities out on my children.”

Sarah has reported some of the incidents to the police.

InstagramSarah was “devastated” after her career was exposed[/caption]

Sara Blake CheekHere she is pictured with her husband Matt at the game where the alleged assault happened[/caption]


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