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Similar to The White Lotus, Dead To Me combines comedy and murder with amazing leading ladies and an unpredictable plot. (100 characters)
A Murder At The End of the World is a newer series with a classic dinner party whodunnit mystery and a Gen Z backdrop, offering the same social critique as The White Lotus. (100 characters)
Killing Eve has murder, mystery, and a playful tone, with fast-paced plots and tense mysteries that make it a great alternative to The White Lotus. (100 characters)

Since 2021, Mike White’s drama series The White Lotus has awed viewers with its unique mix of comedy, drama, and murder, and now that The White Lotus season 3 won’t be premiering until 2025, fans need similar television series to watch to keep them satisfied until then. The White Lotus is an anthology drama series with two seasons created by Mike White. The series follows the sordid vacations of various different wealthy and privileged individuals on a beautiful yet dangerous resort. The White Lotus cast includes Jennifer Coolidge, Sydney Sweeney, Connie Britton, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, and Michael Imperioli.

For those looking for shows similar to The White Lotus, the first genre to look into is the TV murder mystery. Although The White Lotus is often hilarious, and a major part of the series is its satire about privilege, the aspect of the show that tips it over the edge into major success is murder. For many watching The White Lotus for the first time, its hints of violence and crime are so unexpected that it makes the show even better than just following rich people on vacation. Plus, there are countless television series nowadays that are similar to The White Lotus in that they mix humor with bloodshed.

10 Dead To Me

2019, 3 seasons

One such series that includes comedy and murder is Netflix’s Dead To Me. It stars Christina Applegate as Jen, a recent widow who, while mourning the loss of her husband at a support group, meets Linda Cardellini’s Judy. The two hit it off immediately, bonding over their recent losses, however, Judy is hiding a secret that could ruin their friendship forever. Dead To Me is a hilarious and dark series that lacks the rich ensemble of The White Lotus, but makes up for it with amazing leading ladies and an unpredictable plot.

9 A Murder At The End Of The World

2023, 1 season

A newer miniseries that could definitely hold up next to The White Lotus is Hulu’s A Murder At The End of the World. The show follows Gen Z detective and hacker, Darby Hart, as she attends a mysterious dinner held by a billionaire in a remote place. When one of the guests is found dead, Darby must convince the others that something dangerous is afoot. This series offers audiences a classic dinner party whodunnit type of mystery, however, it is unique because of its modern, Gen Z backdrop. In this way, it has the same type of social critique that The White Lotus does.

8 Killing Eve

2018, 4 seasons

A series that has murder and mystery, but not necessarily both of them together, is Killing Eve. The series follows Sandra Oh as Eve, an M15 agent who hoped for an exciting career but instead gets a desk job. However, her everyday gets more fun when an assassin named Villanelle comes on the scene. Killing Eve is yet another series with dark subject matter but a more light and playful tone. The lead actors definitely bring the series together, along with its fast-paced plots and tense mysteries.

7 Search Party

2016, 5 seasons

One series that is a bit more established than the rest is HBO’s Search Party. For five seasons now, Search Party has followed a group of 20-somethings who become entangled in investigating the disappearance of a college acquaintance. Despite having a somewhat serious-sounding premise, Search Party is full of dark comedy, especially when it comes to its ensemble cast. Each character is privileged and flawed in their own right, making their murder investigation all the more complicated. This is definitely akin to The White Lotus via its morally ambiguous characters.

6 Yellowjackets

2021, 2 seasons

Though not necessarily a “murder” mystery, Yellowjackets has plenty of darkness, death, and mystery all wrapped up in a bow. The Showtime series follows the dual timelines of a girl’s soccer team: first, when their plane to nationals crashes, leaving them stranded in the forest, and then, their lives after they have grown up and started families. Although Yellowjackets is not as campy as The White Lotus, it is definitely humorous at times, and its mysteries are far greater than just who committed a crime. It is a dark series with a great ensemble cast and plenty of questions to chew on.

5 The Afterparty

2022, 2 seasons

For those seeking a more traditional mystery, The Afterparty is definitely a strong choice. The Apple TV series follows a high school reunion that goes terribly wrong when someone ends up murdered. A group of friends try to figure out what happened, despite the fact that they all remember things differently. Like The White Lotus, The Afterparty is an anthology series, and furthermore, it is never just straight darkness. The Afterparty is a wacky, fun take on the classic murder mystery, making it a great follow-up to The White Lotus.

4 Only Murders In The Building

2021, 3 seasons

Likely one of the most popular murder mysteries on TV right now is Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. With all-stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez at the helm, this series follows a trio of neighbors that bands together after a murder occurs in their Upper West Side building. This show has many strong parallels to The White Lotus, from its privileged characters to their dynamic, lie-filled relationships. Furthermore, it leans a bit more heavily on the comedy aspect than the serious drama. This would definitely be a fun watch following The White Lotus.

3 Fargo

2014, 5 seasons

The oldest series on this list is also the one that The White Lotus fans could love the most. Inspired by the 1996 film of the same name, Fargo is a mystery anthology series that follows a new mysterious murder in the heart of the Midwest. Though Fargo is lacking in the glamour of The White Lotus, its Midwestern, small-town charm has a similar effect. Plus, Fargo has a set-up that is very much like The White Lotus. A star-studded cast in a new location delves into a strange and suspicious crime, leading to moments both hilarious and intense.

2 Big Little Lies

2017, 2 seasons

The last two shows to watch while waiting for The White Lotus season 3 are the ones that are most similar to the Mike White series. First, there is Big Little Lies. This series follows the wealthy mothers of Monterey, California as they find themselves entangled in each other’s lives, and therefore, their crimes. Big Little Lies has the same tropical vibes as The White Lotus, and the same undertone of violence. It also has an amazing ensemble cast and takes time to inspect social issues and problems with wealth. If you are seeking the same ambiance as The White Lotus, Big Little Lies is the show to watch.

1 Nine Perfect Strangers

2021, 1 season

Finally, there is Nine Perfect Strangers. Originally written by the same author who wrote Big Little Lies, Liane Moriarty, Nine Perfect Strangers tells the story of nine city dwellers who meet at a 10-day retreat to clear their minds. However, there is much more than just relaxation happening at this resort. Once again, this is a series that is reminiscent of The White Lotus because of its big cast of unique characters and its emphasis on mystery. Like Big Little Lies, Nine Perfect Strangers is a great alternative to the distinct ambiance of The White Lotus.

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