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ONLY a true wordsmith can find all ten words hidden in this festive brain teaser just under two minutes.

The three signs are easy to spot in this beautiful Christmas scene but there are more words lurking around and you must have the perfect vision to spot them.

PreplyCan you find all 10 words hidden in this image?[/caption]

The players are challenged to find the ten Christmas-themed terms hiding in plain sight in the charming holiday drawing.

The first three are easy to spot, but can you find the rest as quickly?

Remember you only have 90 seconds to complete this task and prove yourself a genius.

Look carefully at the image and scan it with your eyes for every possible festive word.

Some are right in front of your eyes but you might be missing them if you don’t pay close attention.

Eagle-eyed players must also possess rich vocabulary to solve this puzzle.

If you’re an avid reader or a seasoned puzzler, this should be a child’s play for you.

You may have a higher than average IQ if you found this task as easy as a pie.

But if you had no luck- don’t be disheartened yet.

The clock may be ticking, but you have plenty of time to crack the answers.

If you need a little help, look no further.

Here are some words that you should look for: Reindeer, elves, snow, Santa, bauble, mistletoe, presents, scrooge, yuletide, tinsel.

Now that you know what exactly you’re searching for, the answers should become more obvious.

Puzzles like this one are a fun way to improve your cognitive abilities and even prolong the functionality of your brain and memory.

In the meantime, try other illusions to exercise your mind.

Stay in the festive spirit and spot the bear hiding among the reindeer.

Or, count all the Christmas presents and you might find a money bag camouflaged amongst them.

Lastly, why not check your eyesight and solve this tricky winter illusion of a snowflake?

You may have the 20/20 vision if you spot its twin in 30 seconds.

Back to our puzzle, did you manage to find all the words?

Take a look at the answer below to check if you were correct.

PreplyDid you manage to spot all of them?[/caption]

DudolfCan you spot a bear hiding amongst the reindeers?[/caption]

DudolfThere he is![/caption]


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