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THIS is the horrifying moment a YouTuber had a missile rocket launcher explode in his hands in a failed test.

Adam Knowles, also a US Army veteran, had an RPG-7 explode on him when shooting a video, and was left with a fractured skull and bleeding brain.

TikTok/ Ballistic High-SpeedThis is the moment the RPG-7 exploded on Adam Knowles[/caption]

TikTok/ Ballistic High-SpeedThe army veteran was engulfed by flames[/caption]

TikTok/ Ballistic High-SpeedHe was also instantly knocked unconscious before even hitting the ground[/caption]

The horror incident took place in November when the video maker was filming for his Ballistic High-Speed channel, assessing “the dangers” of back-blast from a range of launchers.

But when it came to test an RPG-7 fire, it didn’t go as planned.

Shocking footage shows the ex-military suddenly engulfed by flames as he fires the rocket.

Upon triggering the weapon, part of the rocket exploded immediately, sending his helmet flying from the shock.

Adam was knocked unconscious in split second, even before reaching the ground.

The impact broke his jaw, fractured his skull, while leaving his body wounded with shrapnel and third-degree burns.

In the video, which can be seen in full here, Adam’s pals immediately try and rescue him and call 911.

During this period, Adam said he had “no recollection of the incident after the countdown.”

He was then airlifted to hospital, reports.

Now recovering from the near-fatal mishap and wearing arm casts, he just watched the footage back for the first time.

Walking back through the day of the misfire, the YouTuber explained how the shoot consisted of multiple launcher tests, and the RPG-7 happened to be the “final shot of the day.”

“The Rocket Launcher basically exploded,” Adam said.

While he is feeling “a lot better” as the year comes to a close, he still has a “solid few months” of rehabilitation ahead to go back to normal after the blast.

Due to his “multiple skin grafts, stitches, and other surgeries,” Adam’s medical expenditures have reportedly topped $300,000.

Knowles is determined to “moving forward” with the Ballistic High-Speed YouTube channel. He is back on his feet in the newest video and hopes to make a full recovery in the coming months.

The explosion will not stopped him from creating videos in the future.

TikTok/ Ballistic High-SpeedAdam, seen wearing arm bandages, is now recovering from the near-fatal mishap[/caption]

TikTok/ Ballistic High-SpeedThis the last shot of the ex-military before the missile in his hands explodes[/caption]


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