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A GLAMOROUS young woman has revealed the high-paying job where she makes a killing despite working just six months of the year.

TikTok creator Ashlea shared a three-minute video breaking down the exact amounts she has earned as an early-career truck driver.

Ashlea calls herself the ‘CEO of living my best life’Instagram

The TikTok creator has revealed how she earns a £60,000 salary working just six months a yearInstagram

Ashlea likes to spend her massive earnings on travelInstagram

Prefacing the video by saying “we don’t gatekeep here”, Ashlea of Perth, Western Australia divulged to her followers how they can make the same money she does.

She wore bright yellow workwear but still looked incredibly stylish with long red nails, classy jewellery, long lashes, and freshly-dyed hair pulled back in a neat ponytail.

The Aussie said: “When I first started as a greenie [new truck driver], for my first three months I was paid $36.50 (£19.40) an hour.”

“And we do 12-hour days and I work on a two and two roster, so that’s 14 days on and then I get 14 days off, so I pretty much work six months of the year.”

Just three months into her new job, the stunning blonde said her hourly pay jumped up to $43.50 (£23.10) an hour.

She added: “So quite a nice jump. And for my first year as a greenie, that would have taken me to approximately $94-$95,000 (£49-£50,000) annually for the six months.

“So, pretty cool for a new truckie.”

If she stayed at the first mine site she worked at, she estimated she would now be earning about $46.50 (£24.70) an hour as an experienced truck driver.

But she decided to change sites and is now getting paid even more.

Her new rate is about $51.50 (£27.30) an hour – and she gets a $2,000 (£1,060) bonus each month she stays with her contracting company.

Ashlea said: “So that could be anywhere between $6,000 (£3,180) and $10,000 (£5,300).

“Annually, my $51.50 would be approximately $112,000 (£59,420). With my bonuses, that could be another $10,000, so $122,000 (£64,730) for my first year.

“And then when I’m employed directly with the company itself, every full year you’re employed through the mine site direct, they pay you a bonus also which I think is approximately $3,000 (£1,590) each year.

“And then if the company itself does well I think they actually pay you a bit of a profit share just as a thanks, which I love.”

Ashlea, who boasts more than 72,000 followers on TikTok, calls herself the “CEO of living my best life”.

Her social media profile is filled with recent clips of her travelling the world – exploring the United States, Europe, and various tropical destinations.

More than 1,000 people have commented on the video where Ashlea breaks down her earnings, with many expressing interest in pursuing a similar career.

One person wrote: “*quits corporate job immediately* where do I sign up.”

Another said: “Thank you for this! Really appreciate the transparency”, to which Ashlea replied: “you are welcome. the more experienced you become, you can earn alot more!”

And someone else commented: “You seriously inspire me. I’ve wanted to work in mining since I was little but didn’t because I thought it was only for men lol was I wrong.”

Ashlea elaborated in the comment section of her video, stating the cost of “everything” including accommodation, food, and flights was covered by her employer.

She further explained that she only has to work 22 weeks in a year, which is actually less than half a year, as she is entitled to four weeks’ annual leave.

Another mine worker from Western Australia revealed he makes more than two grand a week as a new fly-in-fly-out employee.

Cal Mcllwaine told his followers on TikTok that the gig is “very lucrative” and provides him with both accommodation and food.

He said: “You can literally come up here and spend zero dollars.”

And a savvy woman who goes by @fionafifo on TikTok said she makes £10,000 a month in the same male-dominated industry.

She posed the question: “Who said that a feminine girl can’t work in mining?”


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