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A RUBBISH remover couldn’t believe his luck after stumbling across a huge wad of cash when clearing out an older woman’s house.

Jesse Stewart, who runs Get It Gone Rubbish Removal in Brisbane, Australia, said the lady didn’t even realise it was gone.

A rubbish remover couldn’t believe his luck after stumbling across a huge wad of cash when clearing out an older woman’s houseFacebook/@Get It Gone Rubbish Removal

Jesse Stewart said the homeowner didn’t even realise it was goneFacebook/@Get It Gone Rubbish Removal

The Aussie had been discarding an entertainment unit at a tip when he had the urge to quickly simmer through the drawers.

And as a reward for his curiosity, Jesse found a plastic medicine bottle full of cash – approximately $7,000 (£3,700) worth.

“I thought I’d look in the drawer, and there was that little black container – I picked it up, and it had weight to it,” he told

“I just saw a big bundle of notes – it was crazy.

“I didn’t know what to do with it – I kinda did want to keep it – I’m not gonna lie,” he laughed before conceding: “I couldn’t really do that.”

His good morals led him back to his grateful client, who was blissfully unaware of the amount of money she was about to lose.

The older woman told Mr Stewart that she had a habit of stashing away cash and gave him a $300 (£158) reward for his act of kindness.

“I couldn’t believe it, man. That was the best thing I’ve ever found,” Jesse said.

“They regularly stash cash, but that one was forgotten about.

“I was pretty happy – I got paid for the initial job as well.”

After revealing the sequence of events on his businesses’ social media account , Jesse received plenty of praise for his actions.

One person said: “Great work – good to see there are still good people out there,” one wrote.

“You are truly amazing – not a lot left that would do that,” added another.

A third pledged: “Got some rubbish needing removing soon? You’ll have my business.”

However, Jesse also revealed that the wad of cash hasn’t been his only big find when clearing out people’s rubbish.

The Aussie claims that some of his most impressive salvages include an old vintage piano, an e-scooter and a rare GIO guitar.

There has even been a massive collection of pre-decimal Australian stamps, although they were printed before the currency was changed to cents and dollars.

Mr Stewart said he makes a point of repurposing and upcycling what he can, attributing it to his recent good fortune.

“I repurpose a lot of stuff; a lot of people (other operators) are pretty wasteful; they’ll just throw it out.

“I try and re-recycle everything I possibly can.”

Earlier this year, a cleaner was left speechless after finding £50,000 of abandoned cash in a bathroom.

The janitor, who was also a “struggling” student, stumbled upon the fortune while cleaning the ground-floor bathroom at a TV company building in Melbourne.

And a supermarket worker was stunned after finding £15,000 left by a customer in a trolley, but the outcome of his actions left him shocked.

The Walmart employee received a mind-blowing reward for what he did next.


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