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Curb Your Enthusiasm is ending after season 12, giving Larry David the opportunity to do something funny after Seinfeld’s divisive ending.
The series finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm could hilariously mimic Seinfeld’s controversial ending by bringing back all of Larry David’s enemies.
Curb Your Enthusiasm’s fictional show “Young Larry” can cleverly parody Seinfeld by repeating storylines as the star gets older, mirroring the finale’s storyline.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is officially ending, giving Larry David the chance to do something really funny 26 years after Seinfeld‘s divisive ending. Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s connections to Seinfeld have been an integral part of the HBO series, with the DNA of the iconic sitcom being seen in various ways throughout Curb Your Enthusiasm. Because of this, Curb Your Enthusiasm can pull off the perfect joke by lifting the ending of Seinfeld for its own series finale.

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12 is finally happening, with the upcoming season set to release from February to April 2024. While news of a new batch of Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes is exciting, it comes with a sad twist, as Curb Your Enthusiasm is ending after season 12. After a legendary 25-year run, the adventures of Larry David and his various annoyances will finally conclude, and hopefully, season 12 will go out with a bang.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Series Finale Could Hilariously Double-Down On Seinfeld’s Divisive Ending

Seinfeld is one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time, and while the show has remained immensely popular and critically acclaimed throughout the years, it does have an incredibly divisive ending. In the finale, the gang is arrested and put on trial for failing to help stop a robbery. In the trial, many of the gang’s enemies from throughout Seinfeld‘s nine years are called upon as character witnesses, with their testimonies causing the show to end with Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer in jail.

While the Seinfeld cast made a lot of enemies, Larry David has made a lot more throughout Curb Your Enthusiasm, and bringing them all back for the series finale would be the perfect way to end the series. Curb Your Enthusiasm is entirely about how horrible of a person the fictionalized Larry David is, and there’s no better way to highlight this than by repeating Seinfeld‘s controversial ending and having all of these enemies return.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Can Brilliantly Parody Seinfeld’s Ending Controversy With “Young Larry”

In Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David has created a fictional TV show titled “Young Larry.” The series follows the adventures of a young Larry David, and this story element could perfectly parody the Seinfeld show. “Young Larry” will eventually turn into essentially Seinfeld, as George is famously based on Larry David, meaning that many of the storylines will repeat as the star of “Young Larry” gets older.

On top of that, bringing “Young Larry” into the storyline of the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale mirrors Seinfeld‘s finale story. The controversial Seinfeld series finale starts with the gang working on a show about Jerry titled “Jerry,” so starting off the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale with Larry working on “Young Larry” would be a nice callback.

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