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VLADIMIR Putin fans Steven Seagal and George Galloway have been snapped playing tug of war with a liger in bizarre new footage.

The strange video showed the pair wrestling over a rope through the bars of a cage with the tiger-lion hybrid in Dubai.

Unlikely pals Steven Seagal and George Galloway paid a visit to a private zoo in DubaiThe Mega Agency

They were no match for the mighty liger, a lion-tiger hybridThe Mega Agency

The Mega AgencyThe pair were also snapped holding a gigantic snake[/caption]

The pair were given a tour of the Fame Park private zoo before they began the tussle with the powerful beast.

The video shows them being pulled ferociously towards the animal pen, then eventually giving up as Seagal lets go.

The odd couple are then handed a sign labelled “We lost” as they pose for a picture.

More strange photos from their day out showed them interacting with various wild animals at the zoo.

One snap even had Hollywood action man Seagal feeding a bear and cradling a sloth.

And another saw a giant yellow snake stretched out between the pair of unlikely pals.

While they do not appear to have much in common at first, they both seem to share an admiration for Russian tyrant Putin.

Former British MP Galloway, 69, has previously been dubbed “Putin’s court clown” and an “apologist” by major political parties.

He has also been labelled a “propagandist” after hosting a TV show on Kremlin-backed channel Russia Today (RT) – which is now banned in the UK.

The mouthy ex-politician had used his platform to smear Putin opponent Alexei Navalny after he survived an assassination bid, and blamed the Ukraine war on the West.

When he was a Labour MP in 2013, a petition called for him to be kicked out because of “financial and personal ties to Saddam Hussein“.

Galloway has also been slammed for comments apparently in support of Syria’s brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad.

But for many, Galloway is still most famous for by his time on Big Brother.

In one mortifying episode, he pretended to be a cat and nibbled from actress Rula Lenska’s hands.

Hollywood star Seagal is a longtime defender of the Russian despot.

They have shared a friendship for many years with Seagal reportedly calling the Russian leader his “brother” in previous interviews.

And following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, videos shared on social media claimed to show the veteran tough guy participating in Russia’s military operations.

The actor, 71, was even photographed looking through the bars of a prison where Ukrainians were being held by pro-Russian forces.

The Mega AgencyAt one point Seagal fed a huge brown bear[/caption]

George Galloway, dubbed ‘Putin’s Court Clown’, pretended to be a cat on Big Brother

Steven Seagal has long had a strange friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin

The Mega AgencyThe odd couple lost their bizarre game of tug of war in Dubai[/caption]

The Mega AgencySeagal feeding a lion in the zoo[/caption]

The Mega AgencyGalloway visiting the monkeys[/caption]

The Mega AgencySeagal holding a sloth next to Galloway[/caption]


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