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Archaeologists have found a sinister message scratched on a piece of medieval metal known as a “curse tablet”.

Initially, the 15th-century rolled up lead was thought to be merely an “inconspicuous piece of metal”.

But after studying it more closely, experts in Germany have managed to decipher a cryptic message etched into it summoning Satan.

The text was written in Gothic minuscule, and is barely visible to the naked eye, according to Live Science.

Researchers worked out that the curse called out to “Beelzebub”, another name for Satan, as well as a demonic spirit known as “Berith”.

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Experts say the curse is directed at a woman by the name of Taleke and a man called Hinrik.

They believe the message may be one of jealous revenge.

Unfortunately, we may never learn who the two individuals are, or what became of them.

“Did someone want to break up Taleke and Heinrich’s relationship? Was this about spurned love and jealousy, should someone be put out of the way?”, researchers said.

The ominous object was was found at the bottom of a latrine in a construction site in Rostock, a city straddling the Warnow River on Germany’s northern coast.

“Curse tablets are actually known from ancient times in the Greek and Roman regions, i.e. from the period from 800 BC to 600 AD,” excavation leader Dr. Jörg Ansorge explained.

“Our discovery, on the other hand, can be dated to the 15th century.

He added: “This is truly a very special find.”

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