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The new week brings a new Wordle and today’s answer shouldn’t be too difficult for most. Here are the daily hints, and fully spoiled answer.

The December 18th Wordle is available now to solve and it uses one of the game’s classic tricks, which could cause some players to lose their long-standing win streaks. Luckily today’s word is very common and once a player scores a few correct letters the answer should flow quite quickly.

The popularity of Wordle came quickly when the game was first released and it’s easy to see why. The single, daily method of distribution and simplistic, yet addictive, gameplay was the perfect recipe to create internet buzz. Copycats of the game cropped up all over the place and there was even a fan who made a version of Wordle in LEGO. All this excitement, and the excellent social media sharing ability quickly grew Wordle into what it is today, the perfect little break in any player’s day.

Wordle’s Best Starting Word Has Been Calculated With Math

YouTuber 3Blue1Brown has used math and programming to conclude the ideal starting letter for the best chance of solving the daily Wordle.

Today’s Wordle Hints

December 18th #912

For those of you who might need a little help, without wanting today’s Wordle answer spoiled completely, we’ve provided a few hints to hopefully push you in the right direction. If you’re just looking for the answer though it’ll be located below.

Hint 1

There is one repeated letter.

Hint 2

The answer is used as a noun.

Hint 3

The vowels are in the 2nd and 4th positions.

Hint 4

Something that causes laughter or amusement.

Today’s Wordle Answer

December 18th #912

The December 18th Wordle answer is FUNNY.

To begin our Monday Wordle we used the starting word IRATE, which provided only incorrect letters. Since we often use the same starting word it was easy to jump into our second guess and cover the rest of the vowels with POUND. One correctly placed ‘N’ and the misplaced ‘U’ were shuffled to try our third guess SUNNY. This basically locked in the answer for us with four out of five correct letters.

For our fourth attempt we tried BUNNY, this was also incorrect but victory was clearly close at hand. We finally locked in a Wordle win-in-five with the correct answer, FUNNY. Another game down and another notch on the newly refreshed win streak.

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