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The TVA can maintain peace in the multiverse by handling any Kang variants that emerge.
Doctor Doom could replace Kang as the main villain and potentially destroy the Council of Kangs.
The MCU’s focus could also shift to the threat of multiversal incursions or perhaps the introduction of Galactus as a major Avengers threat.

Marvel Studios has reportedly cut ties with actor Jonathan Majors, though there are a few different ways in which the MCU could move on from Kang the Conqueror. Having played a collection of Kang variants, Majors made multiple appearances in the MCU which would likely have culminated in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty ahead of Avengers: Secret Wars. However, it’s possible that the MCU could simply ignore the villain going forward rather than recasting the multiversal villain.

Having first played He Who Remains in Loki season 1, Majors then played a more classic Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania along with a collection of assembled variants. His most recent appearance saw him playing Victor Timely in Loki season 2, while more appearances were likely in the works, Marvel has since parted ways with Majors. Considering reports that Marvel is already referring to the next Avengers movie as Avenger 5 rather than The Kang Dynasty, it does suggest that a recast might not be in the works. Here are a few ways the MCU can move forward without Kang.

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6 The TVA Can Succeed In Keeping Every Kang Variant In Check

They’ve Got Kang Handled Thanks To Loki

As was seen in the Loki season 2 finale, it was established that the TVA has shifted its mission so that it’s now on the lookout for Kang variants and other potential threats to the multiverse. This was thanks to Loki who destroyed He Who Remains’ Temporal Loom before using his own power to maintain the Sacred Timeline by reforming it into a multiveral tree, keeping all the branches alive while also restoring free will. To that end, it means the TVA can actually be peacekeepers for the multiverse rather than simply keeping the Sacred Timeline in check according to He Who Remains’ will.

All things considered, Loki has arguably created a decent narrative ending for Kang. Assuming the TVA can handle any Kang variants going forward, it could eventually be revealed that the Council of Kangs seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was disrupted by Loki’s action in the finale. While not perfect, it could certainly offer a somewhat organic narrative cul-de-sac which simply doesn’t go anywhere in the MCU’s future.

5 Doctor Doom Or Another Villain Can Kill The Council Of Kangs

All Will Cower Before Doom

The MCU could also go with another big bad villain entirely, such as Doctor Doom. After all, Victor von Doom was a major player in the comics Secret Wars crossover, so perhaps the upcoming Avengers movie of the same name could serve as his debut. Likewise, it would certainly be an impressive way to demonstrate Doom’s power by perhaps having him destroy the Council of Kangs, closing the door on the previous multiversal villain while simultaneously opening the door for someone far worse in the MCU.

Although The Fantastic Four are set to debut in the MCU as well in 2025, Doctor Doom is so much more than just Mister Fantastic’s arch-foe. He’s a classic Marvel villain with compelling motivations who’s a true threat to the entire world and every Marvel hero at large (and he’s pretty much fought them all). To the end, the same could be just as true in the MCU with Doom being set up as a major big bad for the Multiverse Saga (instead of Kang).

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4 The MCU Can Ignore The Quantumania Post Credit Scene & Move On

Council of Kangs? What’s That?

Rather than the MCU finding a way to continue with the Council of Kangs set up by Quantumania’s post-credits scene (all of whom were played by Majors), the best thing may be to simply ignore it altogether. After all, the Council is essentially the only loose Kang thread remaining after Loki season 2. At least it would be the only thing Marvel Studios would have to ignore.

3 The MCU Can Just Focus On Incursions

Multiversal Destruction Is Already In Motion

Rather than going all-in on Kang as intended with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, it’s possible that the Marvel Studios could pivot and focus more on the threat of multiversal incursions in the MCU which were first introduced in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Although Kang was set up as the biggest catalyst for incursions, other beings and events in the MCU multiverse can create them as was seen by Doctor Strange himself at the end of the movie.

It’s quite possible that a rising number of incursions could be the threat that the Avengers need to stop in Avengers 5, only to fail and bring about Secret Wars and the end of their reality via an incursion. This would be very similar to the Time Runs Out storyline which served as a prelude to the comics’ Secret Wars. Although the comics’ Illuminati compromised themselves in their belief that they had to preemptively destroy other realities to save their own, an incursion happened all the same with Secret Wars. Something mirroring this concept could be quite compelling and brutal (and wouldn’t necessarily need Kang).

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2 Galactus Can Become A Major Avengers Threat

The World Devourer Can Bring About Secret Wars

Keeping in line with the concept of destroyed worlds and the end of the multiverse with Avengers: Secret Wars, Galactus could also be set up as an effective Kang replacement. Also known as the World Devourer, Galactus is a massive cosmic being rivaling the Celestials whose consumption of worlds could perhaps be multiversally upgraded to allow for the consumption of entire realities. Considering the rumors that Galactus will debut in 2025’s Fantastic Four, perhaps Galactus could be given an extended role as a major big bad for the entire MCU and beyond.

1 Avengers 5 and Secret Wars Won’t Have An Overarching Villain

MCU Variants Fighting For Survival

Considering the idea the Avengers: Secret Wars will likely be a massive showdown between various realities and variants as seen in the comics, perhaps an overarching like Kang or someone else isn’t even necessary. It could simply be a battle for survival itself, one that features multiple versions of heroes fighting for their respective worlds to keep on existing in the multiverse or whatever comes to replace it in the aftermath. At any rate, it does seem like there are at least a few possibilities available where the MCU could just move on from Kang the Conqueror, assuming a recast doesn’t end up happening.

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