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Mayor Eric Adams surprised several social media users after referencing the World Trade Center terror attacks in his description of why New York City is the “greatest city on the globe.”

Adams spoke with host Dan Mannarino on WPIX-TV’s “PIX on Politics” on Sunday when the latter asked the mayor what word he would use to describe 2023. 

“New York. This is a place where every day you wake up, you could experience everything from a plane crashing into our Trade Center to a person who’s celebrating a new business that’s open. This is a very, very complicated city, and that’s why it’s the greatest city on the globe,” Adams replied.

The New York City mayor’s reference to the series of terror attacks that killed approximately 3,000 people on September 11, 2001, took many people by surprise. Many called out Adams’ comment as a “disgrace” and likely the “worst answer” they have heard.

“wut,” Fox News contributor Guy Benson responded. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams commented that NYC is the place to “experience everything from a plane crashing into our Trade Center to a person who’s celebrating a new business that’s open.” PIX

Barstool Sports’ Jack McGuire declared, “This may go down as the worst answer of 2023.”

“I’m not sure that selling New York as a place where you can experience 9/11 is the best argument that can be made for the world’s greatest city…” Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey remarked.

Fast Company columnist James Surowiecki wrote, “It’s not an act. He’s a genuinely weird guy.”

“How do we continue to elect people this freaking stupid? What a disgrace,” ESPN’s Jake Asman posted.

The terror attacks against the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, killed approximately 3,000 people. Paul Martinka

“I’m just going to log off for the day,” New York Daily News columnist Antwan Stanley declared.

Elsewhere, during the interview, Adams spoke about the continuing migrant crisis affecting his city. He revealed that without additional aid from the federal government, the city will be forced to make budget cuts.

“Well, let’s be clear. What we’re going to have to do is extremely painful,” Adams said. “We’re going to have to see how do we deliver services to our agencies all without the resources we normally have.”

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