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Looking for the best moisturizers for mature skin? You’re in the right place. Obviously, no matter your skin type, moisturizing is an essential step in every routine. It keeps skin hydrated, plump, and glowy—not to mention it can be a mentally soothing way to bookend your day. So what’s the catch? As is the case with most skin care products, moisturizer isn’t one-size-fits-all—and finding the right formula for you can be a challenge. Every skin type has different needs, which can vary based on season or location. But another factor that plays a major role in determining which moisturizer your skin needs is your age.

With each yearly trip around the sun, your body—and your skin—change in a myriad of ways. Because of hormone fluctuations and cumulative environmental exposure (think UV damage), mature skin is more likely to need a solid skin care regimen to look its best, dermatologist Kristina Collins, MD, of Austin, founder of the Foy x Dr. Collins skin care line, tells Glamour.

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What happens to skin as you age?

“Your skin goes through a lot of changes,” says Cynthia Rivas, an esthetician and skin care expert in New York City, “and it’s important for your skin care to support the aging process.” Mature skin tends to sag because it’s losing elasticity and collagen, so laxity and lines are more prominent. Another trademark of aging skin is dryness. “The skin gets thinner and less resilient due to the decrease in functional collagen and elastin, and bruising becomes more likely as blood vessels also become more fragile,” explains Dr. Collins.

Why is mature skin drier?

During perimenopause and beyond, there’s a change in hormones as well as reduced oil production and slowed cellular turnover, explains Geeta Yadav, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Facet Dermatology in Toronto. Women typically experience this in their mid-40s. All of these changes contribute to overall dryness and dullness—and because of this, your skin craves richer formulations.

From the best moisturizers for mature skin to foundation and concealer, you want to look for beauty products packed with plumping and smoothing ingredients.

The best hydrating ingredients for mature skin

A great moisturizer for mature skin should include “strong hydrators like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and vitamin A derivatives or peptides,” says Dr. Collins. Hyaluronic acid (sometimes seen on a label as HA) is best known for holding onto water and plumping the skin, while vitamin A (retinoids) and peptides are antiaging all-stars thanks to their ability to boost skin cell turnover, which has a smoothing effect on skin.

Why does mature skin need moisturizer?

“The skin needs support to protect against transepidermal water loss, which is water escaping from the skin,” says Dr. Yadav. That’s where a moisturizer comes in. Nourishing and hydrating ingredients found in moisturizer formulations will help to lock in moisture and prevent the skin from losing hydration.

To find the best moisturizers for mature skin with these recommended ingredients, we asked top dermatologists and estheticians about their personal favorites. Read on to find your moisturizer match.

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