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Nan and Theo’s wedding was certainly the wedding of the season. In The Buccaneers season 1 finale, Nan sacrifices her happiness to save her sister. Her original plan is to run away with Guy and not marry Theo, but once she realizes Jinny needs to be saved from James’ abusive clutches, she sends Jinny with Guy instead. In the episode’s final moments, Nan marries Theo and becomes the Duchess of Tintagel.

Nan and Guy share an emotional but brief goodbye before Guy runs off with Jinny, who is pregnant with James’ child. Hollywood Life spoke exclusively with Matthew Broome about whether or not Guy believes he’ll ever see Nan again after that moment.

“I think there’s always hope, but I think especially in those times, there’s a big chance he won’t,” Matthew said. “But I suppose what’s happening with Jinny is more important in that moment. They’re definitely hopeful… I reckon there’s a big possibility that they’re thinking this might be the last time they ever see each other. But I think there’s a line they say where it’s like ‘love has to win’ or something like that. If we love each other then we’ll find a way, which is quite nice.”

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In the midst of all this romantic drama, Theo remains completely in the dark about Nan’s plan. While Theo loves Nan, her heart lies with another man. Guy Remmers revealed how he thinks Theo will react if (and likely when) he learns the truth.

“Bless him, I think he would just be heartbroken,” Guy told Hollywood Life. “I don’t think there’s many other ways of saying it. I think he has been heartbroken at points along this journey and kind of sacrifices lots of things. Sacrifices friendships and relationships with his family and the royal system he’s been born into. I think his love for Nan is what makes him make those sacrifices. I think at the end of it he would be really broken. It would really interesting to see how he would react.”

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However, the actor noted that Theo will likely be understanding of Nan’s “sacrifice for Jinny,” but the Guy element of it all will cause issues. “If he found out that they were married and she didn’t truly love him, I think he would be very upset and heartbroken,” he said.

The Buccaneers has been renewed for season 2. All episodes of the first season are available on Apple TV+.

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