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The world is full of sexy and hot women, but have you ever looked at Hot Russian girls? Well, if you haven’t, then you definitely should. From delicate facial features and gorgeous eyes to brilliantly curved bodies and beautiful dresses, these hot Russian Women are to die for. 

Russian girls have something in their chromosomes that makes them ideal, exemplary, and flawless. So come, let’s find out more about these top 12 sexy and hot Russian women and girls. Together, let’s go straight into the blog. 

1. Olga Seryabkina

Image: @seryabkina / Instagrma

She is a sensation, a beauty; she is Olga Seryabkina. A 37-year-old singer who doesn’t look her age. It is a perfect epitome of beauty and elegance, all captured in one. A curvy brown-eyed brunette is no less than any superstar. She is one of the hot Russian babes, for sure. What makes her so attractive are her facial features. Olga knows how to rock and stay fit and beautiful, even at 37. 

Key Points about Olga Seryabkina

She has around 3,400,000 followers

Lives in Moscow

Is a singer by occupation

2. Ingrid Olerinskaya

Image: @olerinskaya / Instagrma

She is a 30-year-old actress who believes in and likes to have a style of her own. Considered one of the hottest women in Russia, she is none other than Ingrid Olerinskaya, a sensation who rules the industry with her sexy and hot pictures. She loves the limelight and keeps posting her pictures; after all, who would not want to have a glimpse of her? 

Key Points about Ingrid Olerinskaya

She has around 130,000 followers

Is an actress

Lives in Moscow

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3. Olga Abramovich

Image: @oabramovich / Instagrma

She is one of the most desirable and sexiest hot Russian women today, and she is ruling the world with her great looks and fascinating features. She is nothing less than a blonde curvy babe—extraordinary, seductive, and alluring.

Key Points about Olga Abramovich

She has around 18,00000 followers

She is an Instagram model by profession

Lives in Moscow

Olga Abramovich is 33 years of age.

4. Irina Shayk

Image: @irinashayk / Instagrma

This green-eyed model is undoubtedly the next big superstar. She started modeling when she was just 14 years old and since then has a huge fan following, which can be seen through her Instagram account. She is always number one when it comes to Russian hot girls. Who can believe that she is 37? Well,  none of us can. Well, she knows how to live at that age. 

Key Points about Irina Shayk

She has around 20,600,000 followers

She is a fashion model by profession

Lives in Paris, France

She is 37 years of age.

5. Viktoria Odintcova

Image: @viki_odintcova / Instagrma

Viktoria Odintcova is a blogger and a model; good looks run in her veins. She wants to show off her perfect body to the world. Her Instagram account is filled with images, mostly of her bikini-wearing. She is energetic and looks incredibly sexy.

Key Points about Viktoria Odintcova

She has around 5,100,000 followers

She is an Instagram model by profession

She lives in Saint Petersburg

She is 29 years of age.

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6. Dilara Zinatullina

Image: @influesii / Instagrma

A naturally beautiful Russian woman, Dilzara Zinatullina, is hot and extremely cute. She is a brunette who loves posting sexy videos of herself. She is stunning inside and out, with a vibrant and contagious smile.

Key Points about Dilzara Zinatullina

She has around 4,000,000 followers

She is a blogger and an Instagram model by profession

Lives in Saint Moscow

She is 23 years of age.

7. Angelika Andreeva

Image: @summerlovesummerl / Instagrma

Not much is known about this hot Russian woman, but she is lovely and fascinating. From having a perfect-shaped body to intoxicating eyes, Angelika Andreeva is no less than a goddess. She will make your jaw drop.

Key Points about Angelika Andreeva

She has around 993,000 followers

She is an Instagram model by profession

Lives in Moscow

She is 28 years of age.

8. Victoria Lopyreva

Image: @lopyrevavika / Instagrma

Victoria Lopyreva is a sexy Russian girl. She is a TV host and model and is highly involved in spreading HIV awareness; she even works for social causes. She has more than just a pretty face and a sexy body. Victoria keeps posting about her life on social media platforms, which keeps her fans updated.

Key Points about Victoria Lopyreva

She has around 5,000,000 followers

She is a TV anchor and a model by profession

Lives in Moscow

She is 39 years of age.

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9. Kate Grigorieva

Image: @
_kate_g_ / Instagrma

Kate Grigorieva is a famous fashion model who became immensely famous while working with some of the most well-known fashion brands. She is one such model who has been featured on the covers of many popular fashion magazines.

Key Points about Kate Grigorieva

She has around 368,000 followers

She is a fashion model by profession

Lives in Moscow

She is 34 years of age.

10. Alina Sanko

Image: @ms.alinasanko / Instagrma

Alina Sanko is considered one of the most beautiful Russian women. She is cute and highly sexy; hence, she is coming under our list of the top 12 sexy and hot Russian women and girls.

Key Points about Alina Sanko

She has around 450,000 followers

She is a fashion model by profession

Lives in Moscow

She is 24 years old.

11. Helga Lovekaty

Image: @helga_model / Instagrma

Helga Lovekaty is lovely in her way. You will find her Instagram posts, which include bikini photos. Yes, she is sexy, and she likes to show the world. She is beautiful and smoking hot too, with a great body and a beautiful smile.

Key Points about Helga Lovekaty

She has around 4,100,000 followers

She is an Instagram model by profession

Lives in Saint Petersburg

She is 30 years old.

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12. Anfisa Chernykh

Image: @anfi_son / Instagrma

Anfisa Chernykh comes with blonde hair and blue eyes; not only is she incredibly hot, but she is super cute as well, which you will believe if you browse through her Instagram account. Her social media account is filled with smiling photos, including sexy ones.

Key Points about Anfisa Chernykh

She has around 85,000 followers

She is an actress by profession

Lives in Sochi, Russia

She is 26 years old.


Ultimately, we would like to conclude that these beauties are not just beauty; they are beauty with brains, too. They are not only sexy or pretty but also intelligent and rich; some are successful businesswomen. You cannot deny the fact that it came through hard work. No doubt, they are the top 12 sexiest Russian girls. We hope you liked reading, and do not forget to tell us about your favorite Russian model in the comment section below.

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