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It is said by a Baldur’s Gate 3 player that players who love loot should play through the Githyanki Creche questline, as it has many loot opportunities. The game encourages players to explore the personalities of their characters and make decisions based on their nature.

The Githyanki Creche has a side story linked to the main arc of Baldur Gate 3’s first act. It is open to players who choose Lae’zel, a warrior known for her fierce nature. Players can always choose to ignore the advice of Lae’zel, and some might not even get access to the quest based on the decisions made in the past.

According to a fan, one should not skip this arc if they want good loot pickups. A post on Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit gives details about the insane amount of loot the creche has. The user also said that they were planning to skip it all completely but were glad that they did not because the amount of loot the creche has is indescribable. The player killed everyone in the creche and looted everything that they could find. Many other players also agreed that the Githyanki Creche has good loot.

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One user revealed that users might get items such as the Holy Lance Helm and should be attentive to getting the Necklace of elemental augmentation as well, a rare amulet that is very useful in BG3. Players can also find solid axes and mace weapons, while another person mentioned that the best sword in the game before Act 3 is the Soulbreaker Greatsword.

Baldur’s Gate 3 was released earlier this year in August on Windows and on the Xbox series in December. The game is already available on two Microsoft accounts, but many players are wondering when it will be available on the Xbox Game Pass. Sadly, the developers have stated that it is not going to happen. It is unfortunate for those who were waiting for the game on the Xbox Game Pass, but at least it is confirmed, and now users can purchase the game if they want to play.

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