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R&B singer Brandy talks about making her first Christmas album Christmas With Brandy, singing with her daughter on the album, reprising her iconic role as Cinderella in Descendants: The Rise of Red, her role in the new Christmas movie on Netflix called Best. Christmas. Ever!, having her own brandy with Stella Rosa and more!

Gail Mitchell:
Are we thinking about working on B8? Since your last time album was B7?

I would love to start working on B8. OK, I really would. I … that’s … that’s in the plan. OK, for sure. I love how you called it B8.

Gail Mitchell:
Again manifesting.

I love that.

Hi, I’m Brandy, and you’re watching Billboard News.

Gail Mitchell:
Hi, this is Gail Mitchell, executive director of R&B and hip-hop for Billboard magazine, and I’m so excited. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this woman, but this is one of the timeless voices of music — Grammy Award-winning singer Brandy.

Here you are with a Christmas album. The very first one, really, and a movie as well — Christmas With Brandy. I can’t believe it is your first holiday.

Yes, I can’t believe it either. Because I love Christmas and I love Christmas carols, and so I can’t believe it’s my first one.

Gail Mitchell:
How did you make a Christmas album? A Brandy album.

Well, I’ve had a great team of people to work with me producers, nephew. One of the writers is Sebastian Kole, Tatiana Clark, India Kearney. I just had a really good team around me. And they really helped me put my own spin on the classics and helped me put together some originals that I’m really proud of.

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