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Bret Hart almost starred in a television series alongside Corey Feldman.

Writer/producer Rikki Lee Travolta recently penned a blog where he recalled working on a show titled Champion of the People. This would’ve been about a professional wrestler who is elected mayor of a small town. The idea is reminiscent of Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s real life. However it would’ve starred none other than Bret “The Hitman” Hart as the lead character Adonis Truth.

Travolta wrote, “Bret Hart was my personal first choice to play Adonis Truth. Not only was he a former wrestler, he was one of the greatest champions of all time. And, he had already taken the steps to prove he could act. Much to my delight, Bret loved the concept and the pilot script. He signed on immediately. I knew with Bret playing Adonis, if we surrounded him with the right supporting cast, we’d have a good shot at a hit show.”

Champion of the People

Travolta sang the praises of Hart for being nice, professional and all-around pleasant to work with. With that being said, “The Hitman” insisted that the situation comedy treat the wrestling world with respect.

Another major part of approaching the show for Travolta was figuring out who would be cast as the mayor’s chief of staff. Corey Feldman stood out as a front-runner. Travolta thought he was underappreciated after his appearances in The Goonies, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys.

“I have always thought Corey to be a very talented but under appreciated actor,” Travolta added. “I was convinced that if I paired him with Bret in Champion of the People we could create something special. We reached out to Corey, and after a few months of back and forth with his manager, he was attached to play chief of staff Pharoah Creed, who sarcastically claims his parents burdened him with such an obscure name ‘because Apollo Creed was already taken.’”

Elsewhere, Travolta wanted to have characters like Bridgette Sinclair as the beautiful but incredibly unqualified press secretary, and Sky Baxter, a slickster government affairs manager. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Misfortune strikes

“Everything was proceeding beautifully with Champion of the People, until misfortune struck and one of our core cast members had a serious illness strike their family leaving their availability in question. Sometimes when that happens a replacement can be transitioned in seamlessly. Other times it brings the project to a screeching halt. Sadly, that was the case with this show and Adonis, Pharoah, Bridgette, and Sky had to be put out to pasture.”

Ironically, Hart and Feldman did end up filming a horror film together titled Tales From The Dead Zone. The Barry J. Gillis feature appears to be in post-production and awaits an official release.

With The Iron Claw hitting theaters this week, Rikki Lee Travolta ponders if there’s a place for Champion of the People to exist one day.

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