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PUTIN’S frontline is being bulldozed by a disease that causes bleeding eyes, vomiting, and kidney failure – Ukraine has claimed.

Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate reported that the disease, dubbed “rat-bite” or “mouse-bite” fever, has been spreading through Russian units in the Kupyansk region.

It has been claimed that rat-bite fever has reduced the fighting ability of the Russian forcesGetty

CDCSymptoms can include a decrease in blood pressure and fevers of 40 degrees[/caption]

AlamyUkrainian officials have claimed that they killed over 3,000 Russian troops this weekend[/caption]

The Directorate said that the disease, a type of streptococcal infection, can be transmitted by direct contact with rodents, or by inhaling their urine, faeces or mucus.

They listed several symptoms, stating that alongside bleeding eyes, vomiting and severe back pain, sufferers also experience headaches, rashes, a decrease in blood pressure and fevers of 40 degrees.

In its early stages, the disease is similar to the flu. However, it quickly intensifies and can do serious damage to major organs like kidneys.

It has also been claimed that Russian commanders have ignored complaints about the outbreak of the disease – because they view fevers as an excuse to avoid combat.

“In the Kupyansk direction of the front of the occupiers, mouse fever is mowing down en masse,” the Directorate wrote on Telegram

“As a result, mouse fever significantly reduced the fighting ability of Russian rats.” 

This comes amid a winter of discontent for Russian troops, as they receive inadequate winter clothing, a lack of medical aid, and are being increasingly forced into suicidal “meat assaults”.

Russia lost 1,250 men on Sunday alone, while Saturday’s death toll hit 930, Ukraine’s General Staff stats report.

Their figures put the total Russian losses over a three-day bombardment to 3,270 troops.

Putin is believed to have lost at least 340,000 troops since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

His forces have also lost tens of thousands of tanks, armoured vehicles, rocket systems, aircraft, ships, submarines and drones alongside these troops.

According to Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, this is Putin’s second greatest mistake.

He said: “If his first catastrophic mistake was invading Ukraine, he is now making his second calamitous blunder.

“The Russian economy is being twisted even more out of shape.

“Nearly 40 per cent of all Russian public expenditure is being spent on defence.

“That is more than the aggregate of health and education.

“And the last time we saw these levels was at the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

He added: “This is disastrous for Russia and its people.”

Putin’s strategical failures are certainly costing him, both economically, and with the support of his people.

Earlier this week, a handful of wives and girlfriends of Russian soldiers told Vlad to “go to the frontline yourself – and die”.

In a message posted to a Telegram channel fighting for mobilised troops to be brought home, the women wrote: “Vladimir, what have you brought people to?

“We Russians have no hope left under your leadership.

“Finish your work and sit down at the negotiating table.”

Putin appears hellbent on securing a battlefield victory before the 2024 presidential elections.

If he were to win, this would guarantee his rule until at least 2030.

At a conference last night, Zelensky admitted that it has been a “difficult year”, but emphasised that Ukrainians will never give up.

He said: “This is a difficult year that is coming to an end.”

“We are fighting for a future to be chosen by ourselves not the Russian Federation.”

 “We are not ready to give up, to let go, from day one to the last day this will be the same… and together we can bring this victory closer.


Fever, which can reach 40 degrees
Muscle pain
Joint pain or swelling
Swelling or formation of an ulcer at the bite wound
Swollen lymph nodes

The CDC state that symptoms usually occur one to three weeks after exposure.

If you have any of the symptoms you are advised to seek immediate health care.

Putin is estimated to have lost at least 340,000 troops since the beginning of the war

Ukraine is battling to hold off Russia’s winter offensive on six fronts


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