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A San Francisco-based rapper and business owner released a new “diss track” slamming the city and its mayor over an ongoing crime wave and rise in anti-Asian attacks.

Chino Yang, 35, dropped the song “San Francisco Our Home” last week in which he criticizes Mayor London Breed and local leaders after his own Alamo Square-area eatery, Kung Food, got broken into for a seventh time since the pandemic.

“I ain’t got no choice but to record this diss track,” Yang says at the start of the song’s music video partially filmed at his Chinese restaurant.

Yang is known for his performances on the highly popular Chinese talent show “The Rap of China” and similar shows. He said it’s a struggle to provide for his family amid the burglaries and rising crime.

He blames Breed for the crime levels in the Bay Area and insults the mayor in several lyrics.

Yang released the “diss track” after his restaurant in San Francisco got broken into a seventh time. Youtube /ZHONG.TV

“Everybody let me see your hands up in the air,” Yang sings. “Now throw your two middle fingers up to the mayor.

“Now London Breed you ain’t nothing but a clown,” he raps in another line. “When we really needed you, you ain’t never been around. You done turnt this great city into a zombie land.”

Yang, who was raised in San Francisco, references recent car break-ins that have plagued the city and shows clips of news segments on the crime wave.

“If you are going to San Francisco, make sure to leave nothing in your car. If you are going to San Fransisco make sure you leave no money in purse,” he sings, in reference to lyrics from the 1960s folk song “San Francisco” by Scott McKenzie.

Yang includes news clips from high-profile anti-Asian attacks as well as crime stories in his music video. Youtube /ZHONG.TV

The small business owner, who wears a hoodie with “Stop Asian hate” written on it, also comes after city officials for what he says is a lack of justice in several anti-Asian hate crimes committed after the pandemic.

“They’re getting attacked. They’re getting robbed. They’re getting killed and the DA just dropped another murder charge,” Yang raps of Asian Americans living in the city.

“I’m sick and tired of dealing with the phony-ass liberals. They acting like they care but never treated us as their equal. My people have been here for over 200 years so save your fake sympathy and your crocodile tears,” he raps.

Yang calls out Mayor London Breed by name and says she is a “clown” in his rap song. AP

“I’m sick and tired of Asains being kicked to the curb. Justice for Granpa Vicha and lil Jasper were never served,” he says in reference to the high-profile killings of 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee and 2-year-old Jasper Wu.

Both cases have been delayed in court.

Breed’s office didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

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