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THIS is the sickening moment a cruel women throws terrified dog off a 30ft ledge leaving it with horrific injuries and causing passersby to think it was hit by a car.

Amy Lea Judge – who has now been jailed – was captured on CCTV pacing back and fourth from her partner’s vehicle before committing the atrocity.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a woman throws her dog over the side of a wall

The dog – named Princess – had to be put down due to its injuries

FacebookPrincess and her owner, Amy Lea Judge[/caption]

The 26-year-old then appears to dangle the tiny Maltese shih-tzu, named Princess, over the edge of the multi-storey car park wall before she hurls her over the side.

The helpless dog can then be seen plummeting towards the ground before she goes out of the shot and her owner makes a quick getaway.

Princess was later put down as her injuries were so severe that those who found her body thought she had been run over by a car.

Judge later admitted to the crime on Facebook saying she couldn’t “live with the guilt” and has since been jailed for 12 months.

The distressing incident – which occured in April last year – was captured on CCTV at Westfield Whitford City shopping centre, north of Perth.

Judge’s 23-year-old partner from Madeley, who was present during the incident, was fined £1,300 and banned from owning animals for 3 years after he failed to seek vet care for Princess.

The confused little dog was rushed to a nearby vet in a state of shock and had possible internal haemorrhaging, brain injury, and spinal and pelvic trauma.

The vet checked Princess’s microchip and contacted Judge, who was listed as her owner.

Judge attended the vet with her partner to discuss the extent of the dog’s injuries and the cost of treatment, ultimately deciding on euthanasia.

In sentencing, Magistrate Mark Millington said she had left Princess for dead in what he described as a “planned, deliberate and intentional act”.

He said she displayed a lack of remorse and consistently attempted to shift the blame and make excuses for her behaviour.

Judge even confessed to the cruel act on Facebook, saying she couldn’t “live with the guilt” and that she “needed the truth out in the open“, but later deleted the post and told police her account had been hacked.

RSPCA WA Inspector Manager Kylie Green described the incident as the “most distressing” she had seen in her 11 years on the job, labelling it “callous and extremely confronting display of animal cruelty”.

“Dogs can be so trusting, and they rely on their owners to keep them safe. I can’t think of a more disgusting betrayal of that trust,” she said.

“Today’s outcome delivers some justice for the pain and terror poor Princess endured in her final hours.

“I hope it also sends a clear message to the community that intentional cruelty towards animals is extremely serious and won’t be tolerated.”

FacebookPrincess was a tiny Maltese shih-tzu[/caption]

FacebookJudge admitted to the crime on Facebook[/caption]

The woman appeared to dangle the pet over the edge before she throws her over


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