Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The new Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League story spoilers are spreading online. The audio leaks from the game with many characters have made the fans disappointed, as it was released just two months before the official release date of February 2nd, 2024. A leaked image of this scene was also shared on X by a user, @LeakerofCringe. Though the account has been suspended, the leaked images are still easily available online.

The audio confirms that Batman, voiced by the late Kevin Conroy, will be killed by the suicide squad, with Harley Quinn being the one who pulls the trigger, and thus this will be Conroy’s last Batman performance. While it is still possible that Suicide Squad may adopt a new narrative, like timeline changes, it would make future games align with rebooted DCU films.

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However, many fans are saying that they had expected that a game titled Kill the Justice League would result in the deaths of members of the Justice League. Rocksteady is also facing a lot of backlash for deciding to kill the character off, but we should keep in mind that the makers were also unaware that it would be Conroy’s last performance when they decided to kill the character. Rocksteady has recently shared a post on X, requesting everyone to not leak any spoiler information and not kill the excitement of other curious players.

It is unknown if the suicide squad is the last part of Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse. Rebooting the Arkhamverse will give the makers an opportunity to get a new actor for the role of Batman. Movie director James Gunn had recently posted on threads that he was excited about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and wished for more games to be based in the Arkhamverse. He also posted that there were no plans for the suicide squad to be the last game of Arkhamverse, but deleted the post after some time.

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