Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

TWO years ago, Putin invaded Ukraine.

Two years on, we know what this means. Torture. Mass executions. Children abducted. Millions uprooted.

GettyA Ukrainian soldier awaits orders as his country’s battle against the invading troops of Vladimir Putin continues[/caption]

Lord Cameron has spoken of the need to support Ukraine’s defence until Russia is repelledAlamy

APPoland’s Foreign Secretary Radek Sikorski[/caption]

A country trying to extinguish another.

The invasion was wholly unprovoked. But Putin miscalculated. He did not expect Ukraine’s dogged resistance.

Nor did he expect his military to let him down so badly.

And he did not expect the West to stand by Ukraine. Still, Putin believes he may yet eke out a win.

He believes he can outlast us. Our job is to prove him wrong.

Ukraine’s supporters outweigh Russia economically by around 25 to one.

We just have to make that strength count.

Here are five priorities for all friends of Ukraine.

First, finance. Second, equipment and ammo. Third, training. Fourth, tackling sanctions circumvention.

Finally, seizing frozen Russian assets.

Ukraine’s fight is our fight. We are helping them defend their homeland. But they are helping to defend ours.

We must stand by them. For as long as it takes. Slava Ukraini.


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