Tue. May 28th, 2024

A MAJOR update has been given on the condition of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico just hours after he was shot five times in a “politically motivated” assassination attempt.

The pro-Putin prime minister, 59, was gunned down in a bloody attack earlier today by an alleged 71-year-old man before being quickly airlifted to hospital for emergency surgery.

Slovakian PM Robert Fico is expected to survive after after being shot multiple times earlier today

The moment the PM was shot at five times

Fico was seen being carried in on a stretcher for emergency three-hour surgery

It has been revealed that despite the horror attack Fico is expected to survive his injuries, according to Slovakia’s deputy prime minister Tomas Taraba.

Taraba said: “Fortunately as far as I know the operation went well – and I guess in the end he will survive.

“He’s not in a life threatening situation at this moment.”

Fico is still said to be battling for his life in hospital.

It comes after the PM went through a reported three hours worth of urgent surgery.

Horrifying footage captured the moment the politician, 59, was shot at five times as his security team ran over to grab the OAP killer.

One bullet hit Fico in his abdomen, according to the country’s defence minister Robert Kalinak.

Kalinak said at a press conference just hours ago that the PM has “serious trauma” and that the “situation is bad”.

His condition was described as “extraordinarily serious” at the time.

Chilling footage caught the haunting moment gunshots rang out around the town of Handlova as people screamed at the sight of the stricken PM.

The shooter was stood just feet away from Fico when he launched the brutal assault.

Fico’s bodyguards leapt over the barrier the gunman was hiding behind as they quickly pinned him down to the floor.

Local media identified the suspect as Juraj C – a Slovakian man from the town of Lavice.  

Pictures showed Juraj with blood pouring from his face as he was detained and dragged into a cop car.

The pro-Russian PM had come outside to meet with supporters as she shook hands with those being the barriers as he was attacked.

President Zuzana Caputova condemned the “brutal and ruthless” attack, calling the shooting on her political partner an “attack on democracy”.

Slovakian interior minister Matus Sutaj Estok labelled the shocking event as the “saddest moment” in Slovakia‘s 31-year history.

He echoed the president’s thoughts saying: “An attack on Slovakia is an attack on democracy, on the state itself.”

Interior minister Matus Sutaj Estok also said the preliminary information “clearly” points to a political motivation behind the shooting.

More footage showed Fico being carried and bundled into a car, flanked by his bodyguards, and driven away at speed for urgent medical help.

Initial treatment in Handlova saw the PM get life saving support before he was airlifted to Banska Bystrica.

His office claimed it would’ve taken “too long” to get to the capital of Bratislava safely.

The motive behind the shooting is not yet known despite many calling it politically motivated.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he was “shocked” by the “awful news” that his Slovakian counterpart had been shot.

“All our thoughts are with Prime Minister Fico and his family,” he added.


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