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HORROR footage shows a skydiver’s panicked final moments as he tries to fix his tangled parachute during a fatal plunge.

The distressing POV video captures Andrey Begma, 38, desperately trying to correct the problem with his hands during a 13,123ft jump in Russia.

East2WestThe chilling footage captured Andrey Begma spinning during his horror descent[/caption]

East2WestThe Russian skydiver could be seen desperately attempting to untangle his parachute[/caption]

East2west NewsBegma had been on his fourth jump of the day from an AN-28 aircraft along with seven others[/caption]

East2WestBegma, 38, was an experienced skydiver with 363 jumps under his belt[/caption]

The experienced skydiver – who has previously made 363 jumps – eventually manged to unfurled his reserve parachute but it came at too low an altitude to save him.

He then crash landed in an airfield in Putilovo, Leningrad region – not far from St. Petersburg,

Begma was on his fourth jump of the day from an AN-28 aircraft – with seven others – when the fatal accident occurred, according to reports.

The group initially performed in free fall but the problem arose when he opened his main parachute.

“The opening of the parachute occurred with partial failure, expressed in his lines twisting and started progressive rotation to the right,” said a statement by the airfield where he fell.

“The actions taken to eliminate this failure did not bring any result.

“At the same time, time and altitude were lost for safe activation of the reserve parachute.

“The reserve parachute was activated without uncoupling the failed main parachute, at a critically low altitude.”

Begma then collided with the ground at an increased vertical speed.

The footage comes to an end as he hits the ground.

“He died of his injuries on the spot,” the statement said.

His body was covered at the site as a criminal probe got underway into possible provision on unsafe services.

One of Begma’s friends, a woman named Karina, was supposed to jump with him before pulling out at the last minute.

She said: “Sleep well. You loved the sky so much, but the sky took you away.”

Another friend, Alexey Barmykov, said: “Due to a tragic event during a parachute jump, my friend has passed away.”

Begma was described as “active, versatile, a lover of life, [and] persistent daredevil” who was also an accomplished rock climber.

Earlier this year, tragic footage shows a British base jumper making a fatal parachute error before hurling himself from a block of flats in Thailand.

Nathy Odinson, 33, gained access to the roof of a 29-floor apartment block in Pattaya and leapt off as a friend videoed him.

And this is the story of how one skydiver managed to miraculously survive a 14,500ft plunge after her parachute failed.

Joan Murray, however, was still in trouble after the one-in-a-million landing in what could have been her last dive from the sky.

East2WestBegma was also an accomplished rock climber[/caption]

East2WestHe was described by friends as a ‘persistent daredevil’[/caption]


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