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A COUPLE bought a McDonald’s playground for their garden to their daughter’s first birthday.

Maggie and Kieran Brennan from Melbourne, Australia, spotted the retro playground on eBay for a bargain and knew they just had to buy it.

Jam Press/@tattoomaggieMaggie and Kieran Brennan spotted the McDonald’s playground and knew they had to snap it up[/caption]

Parents Maggie and Kieran wanted to build something special for their daughters Murphy and BillieJam Press/@tattoomaggie

Jam Press/@tattoomaggieKieran, pictured, built the playground for his two daughters to enjoy.[/caption]

The couple had cherished memories of playing on them when they were taken to the fast food chain as children.

Maggie also wanted to mark her eldest daughter Murphy’s first birthday after it took the couple three years to fall pregnant.

Maggie, a tattoo artist, told What’s The Jam: “We were going to buy a playground from the local hardware store.

“But we came across the McDonald’s one and thought we would pay the extra for it because it was so unique.

“We paid $5,000 (£2,600) for it, in 2021, which was fairly cheap considering they go for $40,000 (£20,800) brand new.

“We wanted to get her something really good for my eldest daughter’s first birthday.

“It took us over three years to get pregnant, and it was a big milestone for us.

“The kids and adults love playing in it.”

The videos of the backyard transformation posted on social media have garnered a huge response.

One person commented: “Reminds me of the old school Macca’s playgrounds from my childhood,” another commented.”

Another said: “What a freaking dream.”

The mother-of-two said she wanted to focus on making the “backyard a really fun place for them to hang out and get away from technology”.

She said: “When it gets too hot in the summer we chuck a hose in on the slide and turn it into a waterslide.

“I spent a lot of time playing outside with my parents and sister when I grew up and wanted to make sure my kids could do the same.

The bargain buy cost the couple £2,600 (AUD $5,000) for the whole playground.

Speaking to, Maggie said: “They usually go for about 40 (thousand) brand new.”

“Everyone’s like, that’s so expensive and it’s like well, not really when you think about it.

“People spend more on cars and stuff like that, so we just sacrificed that and preferred to get the kids a playground instead.”

And the fun hasn’t stopped with the playground, the couple has slowly built up their fun-themed garden and has become the go to place in the neighbourhood.

Even the adults stop by to reminisce.

Not only does their garden boast the McDonald’s playground, it also has a playhouse, skate park, basketball court, AstroTurf and plenty of shade to cool down.

The playground was assembled by Kieran and his father also named Kieran, in 2019 so that kids Murphy and Billie could enjoy their dream garden.

What happened to McDonald’s parties

It use to be the dream of every child to have a birthday at McDonald’s, so what happened to the McDonald’s parties?

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you probably had a birthday at McDonald’s.

Often held in a separate, but colourful room, kids – and adults alike- were served a feast of cheeseburgers, nuggets, fries – and most importantly, cake.

And it wasn’t hard to keep the kids entertained, with a playground just outside and a party host ready to play some games.

Sadly, it seems that McDonald’s parties are on the decline.

According to the McDonald’s website, anyone who wishes to have a party should talk to the manager of their local store to see if parties are offered.

Jam Press/@tattoomaggieThe couple made the retro purchase for £2,500 and finished building it at the end of 2019[/caption]

The couple have also been a skate park in their yard and have lined it with AstroTurfJam Press/@tattoomaggie

Jam Press/@tattoomaggieThe playground isn’t the only addition in the Brennan’s backyard. A basketball court and skate park also make up the dream backyard.[/caption]


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