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American Newspapers are largely known for their extensive coverage of information and their contribution to the country’s history. So, the writer, in this article has organised about the United States Newspapers and the top 10 newspapers in the country. I also state basic details about the newspaper including its print circulation, subscriber, owner, and founder. 

The newspapers have been the first choice of media and information in America, irrespective of the introduction of several modern mediums. American or English newspapers have significantly contributed to the country’s history and continue to excel in the field of education.

Let’s journey through the American newspaper’s history as we delve into the top 10 U.S, Newspapers, each significantly contributing as an important element to the American journalistic legacy.

About the United States Newspaper

Introduced in the 18th century as the first colonial newspaper, Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick was initially a sideline for printers. However, later, the colonial newspaper largely contributed to the political and economic scenarios of the country.

In 1704, the U.S. government allowed a weekly newspaper, The Boston News-Letter, and in 1721, Benjamin Franklin’s brother, James Franklin, introduced the American third newspaper, The New England Courant.

In the 21st century, the majority of United States readership comes from the newspapers, The New York Times (1851), USA Today (1980), and The Wall Street Journal (1889).

Top 10 U.S Newspapers in India

1. The New York Times

Print Circulation: 296,330

Subscribers: 8,830,000

Owner(s): The New York Times Company

Founded In: 1851

A global media organisation, The New York Times, is a newspaper known for its creative, informative, and compelling news content. For more than 170 years, the Times has been a great source of political, finance, and entertainment news. For achievements, The New York Times has bagged many Pulitzer Awards. The New York Times’ other properties are The New York Times, International New York Times, and

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2. The Wall Street Journal

Print Circulation: 609,650

Subscribers: 3,170,000

Owner: News Corp

Founded In: 1889

The Wall Street Journal ranks first in terms of physical newspaper circulation; however, it lacks an online subscription. The newspaper is primarily known for its business and finance coverage. In recent years, the newspaper has expanded its content over several niches like entertainment, art, and media.

3. The Washington Post

Print Circulation: 135,980

Subscribers: 2,500,000

Owner: Nash Holdings

Founded In: 1887

An award-winning newspaper, The Washington Post covers a variety of topics including politics, policies, personalities, and related information. Besides, The Washington Post, in its online newspaper, covers several niches including business, entertainment, and finance.

4. USA Today

Print Circulation: 132,640

Subscribers: 2,000,000

Owner: Gannett Company

Founded In: 1982

While USA Today has a great number of physical newspaper circulation, the newspaper is leading in its online circulation. With more than 21 million downloads, the application is currently owned by Gannett Co., Inc.

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5. Los Angeles Times

Print Circulation: 118,760

Subscribers: 500,000

Owner: Nant Capital

Founded In: 1881

A regional American daily newspaper, Los Angeles Times is termed as the “largest metropolitan newspaper.” Although it lacks its physical newspaper, the Los Angeles Times has more than 22 million unique online visitors. Additionally, the Los Angeles Times’ achievements include The Pulitzer Award for being the Best Newspaper.

6. Chicago Tribune

Print Circulation: 82,990

Subscribers: 436,000

Owner: Tribune Publishing Company

Founded In: 1847

An American daily newspaper, the Chicago, Illinois newspaper covers multiple niches including business, sports, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle. A flagship publication of the Chicago Tribune Media Group, the newspaper has grown into a multi-production, multi-channel news, and information company.

7. The Boston Globe

Print Circulation: 60,500

Subscribers: 254,880

Owner: Boston Globe Media Partners

Founded In: 1872

Also known as The Globe, The Boston Globe is an American daily newspaper, and the oldest newspaper in Boston. Noted as “One of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers, the newspaper has gone on to win 27 Pulitzer Awards.

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8. Star Tribune

Print Circulation: 91,920

Subscribers: 100,000

Owner: Star Tribune Media Company

Founded In: 1867

Minnesota’s largest newspaper and the United State’s largest newspaper, Star Tribune is an American daily newspaper which is distributed entirely in the Minneapolis area. The Star Tribune covers several niches including local news, finance, business, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle.

9. New York Post

Print Circulation: 135,980

Subscribers: N/A

Owner: News Corp

Founded In: 1801

An American conservative daily tabloid newspaper, the New York Post is a source for New York’s sports, finance, entertainment, business, opinion, real estate, finance, culture, finance, and more. Besides its physical newspaper, the New York Post has three online platforms which are,, and

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10. Newsday

Print Circulation: 86,850

Subscribers: N/A

Owner: Newsday Media Group

Founded In: 1940

A daily newspaper in the United States, The Newsday primarily serves Nassau and Suffolk counties; however, it is circulated in the entire country. The newspaper is set to cover breaking news, data, and opinions about business, sports, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle.

Final Words

With the introduction of the Internet and television, the circulation of newspapers has significantly declined, raising concern for the newspaper industry. However, the above-mentioned U.S. newspapers continue to mark their impressive presence among the readers. The above-mentioned list is curated with the top 10 U.S. Newspapers which continue to remain a favourite of the country’s citizens.

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