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A NEW image has emerged of missing Jay Slater as he posed with his brother and dad during birthday celebrations.

Jay, an apprentice bricklayer from Lancashire, flew out to the holiday island with two friends for the NRG festival before disappearing the next day.

Ian WhittakerJay Slater (centre) with his Brother Zak (Right) and Father Warren[/caption]

Ian WhittakerSlater’s dad and his brother Zak (right) visited Masca Village Ravine today[/caption]

Tim StewartJay (right) pictured with brother Zak and mum Debbie – who both flew out to the island after he went missing[/caption]

He went to the closing night Sunday with his pals Lucy and Brad, but left with two men he met that day and headed to their accommodation.

Jay then made a frantic phone call on Monday to friend Lucy Law and told her he was stranded in the “middle of nowhere”.

The Brit teen has not been heard from or seen since, with search crews desperately hunting through the mountainous region of northern Tenerife.

The new photo released in the hunt for Jay was taken back in 2021 for his brother Zak’s 21st birthday.

Rescue crews on Friday focused their efforts around the 2,000ft Masca ravine close to Jay’s last known location – the desolate Teno Nature Reserve.

The dad of the missing Brit teen paid an emotional visit to the search site last night to mark the first visit by a close family member.

Tearful Warren Slater, 58, said “I just want my boy back” as he overlooked the deep ravine in the remote mountain village of Masca.

Mr Slater was supported by his son and Jay’s brother, Zak Slater, 24, who was too upset to comment when approached at a viewing point.

Warren and Zak were also joined by eight of Jay’s friends at the viewpoint above Masca.

He said: “I just want the boy back.”

Earlier today, devastated mum Debbie revealed a huge development in the search for the missing teen.

She said her son may have been spotted with two men some ten hours after he was last seen on Monday morning in the remote village of Masca.

She revealed a witness went to cops and claimed to have seen Jay sitting on a bench with the pair of men 3.5 miles away in Santiago del Teide.

The heartbroken mum said she now fears “something untoward” has happened to the teen.

Debbie, 55, has been in Tenerife since Tuesday helping with the massive police search for her 19-year-old son.

She revealed that the fresh sighting pinpoints Jay’s possible movements to 6pm on Monday – some 10 hours after his missing persons report was filed.

The worried mum said: “They said it was about 6pm which is ten hours after he was seen by the lady in the village.

“But if it was him what was he doing there and who are these two men?”

She added: “All I know is that I am going to stay here for as long as it takes, I’m not going home unless it’s with Jay. I’m not going anywhere until they find him.”

Cops have yet to confirm the new sighting of the missing teen.

It comes as rescue efforts have turned their focus to an area known locally as “the badlands”, scouring a 2,000ft ravine in a remote park.

Pictures from the scene show cops, firefighters, volunteers and sniffer dogs scanning the desolate Teno Nature Reserve, Jay’s last known location.

Locals and experts have warned of the treacherous conditions in the area – where the air is “thin”, temperatures change rapidly and the mountains drop sharply to the water below.

Jay’s mum Debbie today slammed the investigation into her son’s disappearance for not allowing British cops to contribute.

On Friday Lancashire Constabulary offered to help Spain’s Guardia Civil in their efforts to find the teenager.

But local police rejected the bid and insisted they have the “resources” required to find him.

PAThe search for missing Jay enters its sixth day today – with cops scouring remote parkland in northern Tenerife[/caption]


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