Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

WhatsApp has been bringing in new features quite consistently starting with the delete for everyone feature. The new addition is a username field which will let you create a unique profile name for yourself. WhatsApp is rolling out this new update through the Google Play Beta Program. It’s going to be version of WhatsApp.

While WhatsApp has added a user input field in beta version called WhatsApp username, you can’t yet try the feature. Since, the user input field is revealed, we can be quite certain that the feature is on the cards. One of the implications of this new feature would be that users would not need to share their personal phone numbers or QR codes with others in order to communicate. The new username feature is going to change the way we find people on WhatsApp. Maybe we’ll be able to look up profiles just by using the username and also share our profiles without actually sharing the phone number.

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