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Fans are excited about the potential casting of Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Kureha in One Piece season 2, with the actress herself expressing interest in the role.
Curtis’s versatility as an actress, seen in her various roles throughout her career, makes her a perfect fit for the villainous character of Dr. Kureha.
Her involvement in the show could bring in a larger audience and generate more attention for the series.

One of the most popular casting theories for One Piece season 2 is too perfect of an opportunity for it not to happen when the show returns. Already set to return for another slew of episodes, Netflix’s adaptation of the popular anime is sure to offer more live-action retellings of Luffy’s sea-faring adventures. The confirmation of One Piece season 2 came only two weeks after the show premiered, highlighting the positive reception to Netflix’s interpretation of the classic characters and the colorful world they inhabit.

But while One Piece season 1 went to great lengths introducing beloved characters like Monkey D. Luffy and Nami, a few of the series’ characters remain absent. While this may have raised concern that some of these characters in the show may be avoided, the confirmation of season 2 leaves the door open for more additions. Among the many One Piece characters season 2 is likely to utilize, there’s one in particular Netflix already has a clear-cut way of bringing to life on the show.

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Jamie Lee Curtis As Kureha In One Piece Would Be A Fan Wish Come True

Fans of the live-action One Piece series would love nothing more than for Jamie Lee Curtis to appear in season 2 as Dr. Kureha. Movie Web reported on fans’ desire to have Curtis in the show in September, and soon after, the Everything Everywhere actress shared the article on Instagram, announcing she’d love to play the character. Curtis agreed to play the character once the strike is over, and One Piece showrunner Matt Owens has since thrown in his own comments on the fan casting, remarking that Curtis would be “perfect” for the part and expressing his hopes she accepts the role. [via CBR].

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Jamie Lee Curtis has been a beloved actress since she first stepped on screen as Laurie Strode in 1978’s Halloween. However, she didn’t win her first Oscar until 2023, when she won Best Supporting Actress for playing Deirdre Beaubeirdre in Everything Everywhere All At Once. She’s been an enduring cinematic icon for decades, driven by both starring and supporting roles in a long list of movies and TV shows.Plus, the positive public image she’s cultivated over the years adds to why One Piece fans want to see her in the live-action show so badly.

Why Jamie Lee Curtis Would Be Perfect As Kureha In One Piece Season 2

Jamie Lee Curtis in Haunted Mansion

Jamie Lee Curtis has proven that there is no genre she can’t take on. Whether she’s playing a scream queen in Halloween and Prom Night, taking on comedy in Freaky Friday, or channeling her inner psychic in the 2023 adaptation of The Haunted Mansion, Curtis can transform into any character she’s assigned to play. Dr. Kureha from Drum Island has a pretty villainous side, and fans have seen Curtis tap into the villain character several times, including in Everything Everywhere. While One Piece performed well, Curtis would bring even more attention to the series and potentially garner a larger audience who otherwise may not have watched the series.

Sources: Movie Web, Jamie Lee Curtis/Instagram, CBR

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