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Kristin Cavallari couldn’t make this up if she tried! The former reality star recently spent a week in Los Angeles — and the first 72 hours were full of hot rugby players and one wild arrest.

“I had the second one night stand of my entire life,” Cavallari, 36, revealed during the Tuesday, October 24, episode of her “Let’s Be Honest” podcast. “By the way, before you guys want to f—king judge me … I’m almost 37 years old, this is the second one I’ve had in my entire life.”

One day later, Cavallari decided to meet up with an unnamed ex for coffee. A source tells Us Weekly that she’s referring to Jeff Dye, with whom she split in March 2021 after five months together.

After Dye was late for their date — and admitted he was “kind of” still drunk, according to Cavallari — a police officer came into the coffee shop looking for Dye, 40. He was arrested and booked for fleeing the scene of a traffic collision and driving under the influence, per the Burbank PD, noting that he collided with a tree and fled on foot, Us Weekly confirmed.

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“I go, ‘Can you guys tell me what is going on?’ One of the police officers goes, ‘There was a report of a hit and run down the street and he matches the description of the guy,’” Cavallari recalled on the podcast.

Cavallari’s whirlwind weekend started on a Friday night when she met up with a group of girlfriends for a separate night out. While at dinner, the former Laguna Beach star decided to create a Raya dating profile after discovering the “hottest f—king man I had ever seen” when looking at her friend’s feed on the app. (Raya didn’t approve Cavallari until days later. She eventually matched with the aforementioned man and went on a date with him.)

When Cavallari and her friends made it to the bar on Friday, Cavallari bought a shot for another guy after thinking, “What the f—k do I have to lose?” However, when that wasn’t what she was hoping for, Cavallari took one of her friends to the dancefloor where they were suddenly “flanked by the Australian rugby team.”

After hanging out with the athletes, Cavallari and her friend accompanied the team to another bar. She was quick to connect — and make out — with one member of the team, whom she gave the pseudonym Kyle.

Initially, Cavallari had no plans to go home with “Kyle,” but she eventually invited him back to her place — at 3 a.m. Cavallari was quick to defend herself from haters saying she’s in her “fun single” phase.

“The lack of sex I’ve had in my life over the last three and half years is f—king sad, so you know what, yeah I had a one night stand,” she continued. “F—king sue me, and it was so much fun.”

On Saturday, Cavallari decided not to hang out with “Kyle.” However, he kept texting her and “started coming on so strong.”

While she was dealing with that, Cavallari agreed to meet up with Dye. Of course, that coffee date didn’t go as planned because of his arrest.

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“Damn, I’m not going to know the full story for a long time,” Cavallari joked. “Great, that’s my Sunday morning.”

Amid the ex drama, the “f—king nuts” Australian “Kyle” is still continuously texting and calling Cavallari. So, she cut it off with him. Spoiler alert, “Kyle” continued to text her — and hasn’t stopped.

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After it seemed the wild weekend had come to an end, Cavallari woke up on Monday morning with a voice note from Dye about how he “just got out of jail.” Naturally, she asked for more information.

Comedian Jeff Dye
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Dye said he hit a pole, blew “over the limit” and has a court date, per Cavallari’s reenactment. She noted that even though his car was totaled, Dye still asked to get coffee again.

“The disconnect is so unbelievable,” she added. “Also, came out in the police report. He didn’t hit a pole, he hit a f—king tree. The whole thing is like, oh my God.”

Cavallari’s longtime BFF and celebrity hairstylist Justin Anderson joined her on Tuesday’s podcast and weighed in on the weekend.

“The thing about this … no one would believe that all of this happened in that short period of time,” he said. “The amount of stuff that happened in 24 hours with you in L.A. I’m like, what is going on?”

Dye’s team did not immediately respond to Us Weekly‘s request for comment.

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