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CANADIAN politician Chrystia Freeland has served as the deputy prime minister since 2019.

In 2020, she also became the minister of finance, and now her constituents want to know more about her.

Twitter/Graham_BowleyChrystia Freeland is married to Graham Bowley[/caption]

Who is Chrystia Freeland’s husband, Graham Bowley?

When Chrystia Freeland is not in the office or traveling for work, she can often be found at home, spending time with her family.

For several years, she has been married to Graham Bowley.

Outside of being known as Freeland’s husband, Bowley is known for his career as a journalist.

As of this writing, Bowley serves as an investigative reporter on the Culture desk of The New York Times.

He often covers the arts, culture, and cultural organizations.

His work included pieces on the allegations against Bill Cosby as well as the shooting that took place on the set of Alec Baldwin’s film, Rust, among other things.

Bowley is also an author, having previously published the 2010 book, No Way Down: Life and Death on K2, which recalled the events of the tragic 2008 K2 hike that claimed the lives of eleven climbers.

Who is Chrystia Freeland?

Freeland is a politician who was born on August 2, 1968, in Peace River, Canada.

A graduate of the University of Oxford, she began her political career back in 2013, when she was elected as the Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre.

Since then, she has held several roles in office. From 2015 to 2017, she served as Canada’s Minister of International Trade, and from 2017 to 2019, she served as Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Freeland then assumed the role of Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs in 2019, later becoming the Minister of Finance in 2020.

Prior to politics, Freeland worked as a journalist for the Financial Times, The Washington Post, and The Economist.

Like her husband, she is also an author, having previously published the books Sale of the Century: The Inside Story of the Second Russian Revolution and Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else, which won the Lionel Gelber Prize and National Business Book Award.

Instagram/chrystiafreelandCynthia and Graham have three kids[/caption]

How many children do they have?

While Freeland and Bowley might be busy with their respective careers, it has not stopped them from starting a family.

Over the years, the pair have welcomed three children.

While the Bowley kids might have high-profile parents, details on their personal lives are unclear because they often stay out of the spotlight.

They do, however, make appearances on Freeland’s social media pages.


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