Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

FURIOUS renters have slammed a landlord after spotting a bizarre requirement in his listing.

Anyone who wants to move into the “designer micro apartment” is strictly allowed no sleepovers.

Furious Aussies have discovered the listing online and the bizarre rule where renters can’t stay the night

The listing describes the pint-size rental unit as “near new, perfectly located, designer 1-bedroom” apartment.

However, there’s a huge snag,

The listing says: “Each apartment is for single occupancy only due to council and fire restrictions.”

It then strangely adds: “Guests are permitted to visit but are not able to stay overnight.”

The one-bed in Yeerongpilly, a southern suburb of Brisbane, isn’t on the cheap end either.

Renters will have to fork out AUS$370-a-week [$234] for their “no sex” apartment.

And those looking for a place to rent have laughed at such a suggestion.

“Australian landlords are literally banning sex in their apartments,” TikToker Beep Yen said in a video viewed over 85,000 times.

“Well, nice sex anyway.”

The creator called the landlord a “ba*****” before asking: “What joy is there in life?”

Others were fuming at such a request from a tenant and questioned whether the measure was legally enforceable.

“There’s no way that’s a legal condition,” fumed one.

“They’ve reverted to feudal landlord times….. no joy,” another wrote.

A third quipped: “…a Micro apartment. What is that – an apartment for ants?”

“That’s an infringement on quiet enjoyment,” a fourth said.

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TikTok/beep___yenA TikTok with 85,000 views shows the ridiculous terms as the creator labels the landlord a “ba*****”[/caption]


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