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A YOUNG nurse was mauled to death by a pack of five dogs while out for a walk near her home in Spain.

Arancha Corcero Giron, 27, was killed just moments after making a desperate phone call to her mum as she saw the animals sprinting towards her.

SolarpixArancha Corcero Giron was killed in a savage dog attack in Spain[/caption]

SolarpixArancha was out on a walk in the countryside when she was set upon by the vicious animals[/caption]

Arancha could be heard yelling: “Mummy, the dogs are coming, the dogs are coming.”

Her dad called cops and paramedics and her mum rushed to the scene to find her body.

The savage attack was blamed on three mastiffs and two Leones Shepherd dogs – a breed of herding dogs from northern Spain.

Arancha was attacked at around 6pm yesterday while she was out walking near the home she shared with her parents in Roales del Pan in the province of Zamora in northwest Spain.

The owner of the animals – a local shepherd who has not yet been named – has been warned he could face a manslaughter charge.

He has allegedly been reported before for negligence over the dogs’ behaviour in the past.

Town hall chiefs in Roales del Pan declared three days of mourning.

Mayor David Garcia said: “Nobody is prepared for news like this.

“Our neighbour Arancha Corcero Giron is no longer with us. Rest in peace.

“We declare three days of official mourning. Now respect to the family and to try to get through this together.”

At a press conference where he struggled to contain his emotions, Mr Garcia said: “What we don’t understand is why they weren’t under his proper control.

“Arancha is not going to return but we have to investigate what happened and make sure it doesn’t occur again and take measures to make sure a person doesn’t go out for a walk, for a country stroll as is normal around here, with something like this being the result.”

Zamora’s School of Nursing added: “We would like to transmit our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of our companion Arancha.

“Rest in peace.”

The five dogs were in quarantine today while the investigating judge in charge of an ongoing probe into the incident decides their fate.

One is said to have had no microchip or vaccination history.

In February kind-hearted British gran Anne Shields, 67, was killed by a stray pit bull she took into her holiday home after finding it starving.

It turned on her four days later and police had to shoot the animal to rescue former security guard Anne – who owned a property in Macastre near Valencia, but she died in hospital.

Spanish police confirmed shortly afterwards they had identified the dog’s owner and he was being investigated on suspicion of manslaughter.

The unnamed 35-year-old Spaniard was described at the time as someone who had been banned from owning pit bulls and other dogs classified as “potentially dangerous” in Spain because of previous offences.

SolarpixThe nurse was attacked in Zamora Town[/caption]


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