Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

After completing the metal bits, it’s all wood going forward. The entire frame of the replica is covered by wood panels, which were expertly cut and measured to mimic the rough and sharp angles of the real Cybertruck. And quite frankly, it appears to have fewer panel gaps, so it turns out that wood might be the way to go if you want build quality comparable to Lego and soda cans.

To cap it all off, the woodworkers even gave the vehicle a set of wooden wheel covers. They likewise provided the wooden exterior with a shiny finish thanks to a generous layer of varnish. And, of course, it has working doors, side mirrors, seats, wipers, and the iconic (or notorious) Tesla yoke steering wheel, all made out of wood. Last but not least, it likewise received an acrylic roof to simulate the sunroof on the real Cybertruck.

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