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A husband who claimed his wife went on a date with a mystery man before her body was found wrapped in carpet in a ditch in Oklahoma has been charged with her murder — accused of shooting her in the head so he could date another woman.

Frank Byers was arrested last week on charges of first-degree murder, unauthorized removal of a dead body and desecration of a human corpse in the death of Makayla Meave-Byers, 30, KFOR reported.

“It’s a little bit of a sigh of relief. To us, it feels like it’s been 10 years even though it’s just been a few weeks,” Meave-Byers’ mother, Barbara Harper, told the outlet.

“I would have never thought he would do something like this,” she said of her son in law.

“I can forgive him through Christ, but I am still flesh and I want the death penalty for him and anyone else that helped him.”

Frank Byers, the husband of Oklahoma mom of six Makayla Meave-Byers, has been accused of shooting her in the head so he could establish a relationship with another woman.Pottawatomie Co. Sheriffâs Office.

Byers reported his wife missing on Sept. 16 and told police “she had gone on a date with someone she met on Facebook” as part of their open marriage.

He went on the beg for help in finding his wife, writing on Facebook that “she means the world to me. She literally is the backbone of the family. I love her deeply.”

Makayla Meave-Byers’ body was found wrapped in a carpet dumped in a ditch.Faccebook / Frank Byers

Meave-Byers’ body was found Sept. 20 wrapped in a carpet in a drainage ditch about 2,000 feet from her home in rural Pottawatomie County. The medical examiner determined that she had been shot twice in the head.

“We got some results back on some evidence we had been waiting for,” Pottawatomie County Undersheriff Travis Dinwiddie said last week, according to the news outlet.

“We executed the search warrant on the house. Frank Byers was inside, and he was taken into custody for a probable cause affidavit for first-degree murder,” he added.

Makayla Meave-Byers and Frank Byers.Faccebook / Frank Byers

Byers was staying at a house in El Reno, not far from where his wife lived in Macomb.

His work boots contained “a blood-like substance on them” that investigators said came back as a positive DNA match to Meave-Byers, KFOR reported, citing court records.

Authorities also found a Walmart receipt for a mop, ammonia and bleach on Byers’ property the day he reported her missing, according to the outlet.

Detectives who read text messages believe Byers killed his wife so he could “establish a relationship” with another woman, the court records reportedly show.

Makayla Meave-Byers’ mother, Barbara Harper.KFOR

Byers allegedly removed the SIM card from his wife’s phone and placed it into another device to begin a fake conversation between the two to create a fictitious story,” authorities said, KOCO reported.

“He was at all the family functions. We would have never… I would have never thought he would do something like this,” Harper told KFOR, though she said she grew suspicious by his behavior after her daughter vanished.

“There was no concern, no sorrow, no tears. It was all just a show, and we could see it,” the grieving mother said.

Meave-Byers had “recently asked Byers for a divorce,” an incident report said.

The 30-year-old mom was found dead days after allegedly going on a date with a mystery man.Facebook/Andria Meave

When police searched her home, they found broken glass, “blood spots on the floor” and “blood on the sheets of the bed,” according to the document. They also found two .22-caliber bullet casings, seemingly matching a .22 rifle that Byers said she kept in a cabinet.

The gun appeared to have been recently fired and had residue on the barrel and breach, officials said.

“I know as parents, we feel guilty inside for not seeing the signs, not knowing and not asking, but if there wasn’t any previous domestic violence, she kept it hidden from us very well. She got annoyed when we asked questions,” Harper told KOCO.

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