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Megan Fox stuck her tongue out at SAG-AFTRA this weekend with her Halloween costume — or so she thinks anyway … ’cause her movie-inspired costume is actually pretty old.

The actress made sure to call out her union Saturday by throwing up shots of her getup this year — Gogo Yubari from Quentin Tarantino‘s “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” … which came out way back in 2003. Naturally, alongside her was her BF Machine Gun Kelly dressed as Uma Thurman.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Megan apparently thought these costumes — which are undoubtedly awesome — were a big F-U to SAG … evidenced in the fact that she tagged @sagaftra in her Instagram post.

Of course, she was calling out their strict rules that made the rounds a couple weeks ago — which basically forbade union actors from rocking costumes from struck work … all in an effort to show solidarity amid the ongoing strike, with negotiations actually underway right now.

In MF’s mind … this was a way to protest that, we suppose — even though she kinda misses the mark here. Fact is, ‘Kill Bill’ is ancient at this point … and no one’s going around promoting it in 2023 and making Miramax money as a result (the studio that distributed it).

What SAG was getting at with their “guidance” was obviously aimed at big blockbusters that were released this year … and which stars might be inclined to mimic for spooky season.

“Barbie” is the big one that immediately comes to mind … but there are other hits this year that were on the table as potential go-to ‘stumes. Interestingly enough, however, it doesn’t appear that Hollywood, at large, bucked SAG’s guidelines … from what we can see, people weren’t really dressed as characters from movies/TV shows that might make the guild frown.

The costumes that were on display all weekend amounted to a random mishmash of pop culture references and classic ghouls/monsters — with celebs seemingly standing firm.

Now, that’s not to say SAG’s memo to their members didn’t piss some people off … it certainly did. Not only did Megan bristle — but Ryan Reynolds and Mandy Moore did too.

Funny enough, this topic actually served as the premise for a sketch on ‘SNL’ last night … with Sarah Sherman playing SAG union Prez Fran Drescher — and pooh-poohing little kids in film-esque outfits.

In any case, all’s well that ends well … here’s hoping the strike is over sooner than later.

And yes, Happy Halloween!

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