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In an interview with the Dallas Morning News that was published earlier this week to promote Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho spoke about a wide range of topics.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On who he wants to wrestle: “There’s no timeline on what I’m doing. So there’s really, probably no rush. I have a different opinion. I’ve wrestled Adam Copeland so many times and Christian so many times that I would rather not wrestle against those guys. I mean, obviously, we could and have a great match. But I really enjoy working with kind of everybody that I haven’t worked with before. I think Swerve Strickland is amazing. I think Mark Briscoe is amazing, just off the top of my head of guys I’ve never stepped in the ring with. Both of those guys would be a lot of fun to have matches with, you know. So I think right now, that’s kind of a cool place to be looking at.

But we’ve got a lot of stuff going on with the Golden Jets with Big Bill and Ricky Starks, and Will Hobbs and Takeshita. … And I’d love to have a match with FTR. That’d be great. I’ve never done a tag team match against them before. I think Jets versus FTR would be amazing. So there’s kind of a lot of matches in the chamber that you could have with Kenny and I before we decide to go to the next step.”

On his tag team with Kenny Omega: “I mean, there wasn’t a lot of matches in Japan, there was just one, the Tokyo Dome in January of 2018. And I think that kind of might be one of the most important matches in pro wrestling history. I think, just the business that we did within New Japan really turned people’s heads. Match was obviously a classic. But more importantly, I think it’s the match that people here [in the U.S.], including Tony [Khan], realized that there was a market for another wrestling company because the business in North America for that match was huge. … I think the foundation of AEW was kind of built in a lot of ways in Jericho and Omega. So it really was just the natural progression of the storyline for Kenny and Jericho to become a team at some point. … Wrestling is all about stories. And I think when we started this thing with Don Callis on my end, and then he had the whole history with Kenny on his end, the bottom line would always be the two of us kind of aligning against him.”

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