Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

A WOMAN was slapped with a £740 bill in a £120-a-night hotel for using a hairdryer inside her room.

She had booked a short stay at the Novotel Perth to get ready for the Ministry of Sound concert at Kings Park in Australia.

Novotel Perth LangleyThe Novotel Perth Langley where the woman was staying[/caption]

The woman was taking a shower in her bathroom before dressing up for the event.

When she got out and started to blow dry her hair, she accidentally triggered a fire alarm across the property.

Firefighters from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services soon arrived at her doorstep – but they left her in peace after narrowing down the alarm trigger to her expensive Dyson blowdryer.

The matter was immediately cleared and the next morning she checked out of the hotel without any trouble.

However, it was after three days that she realised she was charged a whopping £740 by the hotel management when her account balance was pushed to negative.

She was charged with the false alarm call-out fee by the hotel, even though the Fire department has recommended not to pass the fee on to guests.

The troubled woman said to Perth Now: “They sent no email, I called the hotel, (reception) said it was in their terms and conditions.

“So if you’re at a buffet and the alarm goes off are they going to charge you for burning your toast?

“It’s disgusting and cowardly.”

The woman said she spent her entire day trying to get a refund, but eventually, the hotel stopped taking her calls.

The fee was refunded on the next day following emails to Novotel from the woman and local media, it has been understood.


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